I’m at a retreat this week with some amazing women. I’m learning lots, getting clear on the next steps to take in my business and enjoying a break from my regular routine. Even though I miss my family, I have to say it’s been nice having time to myself in the evenings.

Today I’m sharing with you some tips on how I’ve learned to balance work and family. I haven’t perfected it, but I have learned some tips that definitely make things easier 🙂

“How to Balance Work & Home Life”

Do a Schedule. Create an overall monthly schedule. This will help you to have a general schedule for the month. You can make time for focus time (time spent on projects to grow your business), flex time (time spent on the current tasks to operate your business) and free time (time just for you) time. You will feel organized knowing you are making time for everything you need to. From there, look at your schedule weekly and adjust your schedule as needed. It’s important to pick a time each week to look at your schedule. I find it helpful to do it the same day each week so that it becomes part of your routine.

Set-up Systems. Setting up systems is important in your business and life. Automate as many tasks as you can. For instance, do your budget the same day each week. Choose which days you will do laundry, grocery shop, etc. By setting-up systems you will feel organized and it will also give you more time to fit in other things, i.e. instead of doing laundry every night you can do other things guilt free 🙂 In your business, this will help you know everything has a day/time to be dealt with. You will also be a lot more efficient with the time you do have.

Always Prioritize no matter what. Whenever you’re working, as yourself if what you’re doing will generate you revenue. If not, then delegate it to someone else or schedule in some time to tackle it after you’re worked on revenue generating projects. Work on your top 3-6 until they’re fully implemented. In your personal life, do the same. Do what has to be done only. You will always have a list. If you’re one of those people (like me), who tries to get everything done all the time, ask yourself at what price? Are you spending less time with your kids because you’re trying to get other things done?

Be Present. In line with the last tip, try to be present when you’re working and when you’re with your family. This is easier after setting a schedule and setting-up systems. You will have peace of mind knowing there is a plan to tackle it all. This will make it easier to show up fully for work and family time.

Last but not least. Stay flexible. Life will throw you curve balls. The more you can roll with it and adjust your plan as you go the easier and less stressful of a time you will have.