Every year I choose a word I want to live by for that year. One year was the year of the yes, where I said yes to any and all opportunities. Another was surrender, where I truly stepped into trusting that the universe had a better plane then I could have put together for myself. Last year was the year of love, where I focused on giving and receiving love. That was a duesy of a year, where I uncovered a ton of blocks in my personal life to what was holding me back.


Just the day before hopping on the scale, I woke-up feeling like that was the word. It felt like a solid choice. I then went to a special yoga class that night with a special yogi who is well know in our area. He started the class off with commitment. Commitment to what we loved and incorporating that as our reason to make it to yoga, instead of it being some chore or another to do that had to get done before we could feel good. We then chose what we felt good about and committed to that. Mine was love, peace and freedom.


I then stepped on the scale the next day and thought more about commitment. How I stopped honouring my commitment to feel good in my body and my clothes. I let it slide.


And thus, my commitment to commitment was born.


I am committed to sticking to what makes me feel good and free on my business, body and personal life. I am committed to practicing extreme self-care. I am committed to being on time. I am committed to doing everything I have decided is important to me in being, doing in having in 2017, and the process of making those things happen. I commit to throwing out old ways of doing things that no longer serve me, and focus instead on what I know makes me happy and free. I commit.


What word are you committed to this year? What will give you more peace, love and happiness? What will inspire you each and every day? What will help you to stay on track?


Let’s commit to this together. We without a doubt deserve it. 🙂