Something really cool happened this week. One of my friends happened to meet John Assaraf at an event recently, and they really hit it off. Remember him from The Secret? He was one of my favourites! My friend didn’t really know who he was or too much about him, but had just had a really great meeting with him and asked if I wanted to meet him. My response was a whopping “HELL YES”!!! It turns out he lives right down the road from me and I am just so excited to meet him. I was overcome with gratitude 🙂 My friend loaned me his book to read and I can’t wait to dive in!

I was at a conference earlier this week and the speaker said something interesting about distractions. That unsuccessful people allow themselves to be distracted – by their phone, their kids, the mail – you name it. Ouch. Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say that if you do get distracted it means you’re unsuccessful, but there is something to this. I have noticed a direct correlation between how one spends their time and their level of success. And I don’t mean the obvious stuff like not putting any effort into your business. I’m more referring to the way you’re spending your business time.


What I’ve come to realize is the better you feel about yourself at the core, the more you value your time. Meaning you say no to things that are not in alignment with your values and only yes to the things you do. You are conscious with how long things take, and create the space to get these things done.


You also take time for what makes you thrive. Self-care wise.


You are also great with blocking time. Staying focused on the task at hand, that you have decided to focus on. Turning off your phone and notifications, and staying on course – whether this is a work related task or a yoga class.


You stay out of drama for the most part.


You do not let other people’s drama suck you in. You are dedicated to the task at hand.  Unless of course there is an emergency, but you get the gist. You are not letting the world interrupt you. You value yourself and stay true to what makes you and your business thrive.


This is what a high self-worth looks like. Where you are deciding what you say yes or no to, and where those decisions are in alignment with your highest good.


Where you’re okay with disappointing others, and when you do say no, people miraculously respect you more! You start to attract other confident and happy people into your life too, because this is what you are radiating out.


If you’re not quite there, or if you’ve slipped, what can you do to get back on track? How can you strengthen your self-esteem every day? How can you create an empowered schedule that reflects your greatest good, and highest values and priorities?


Lets do it.