I mentioned before that with an increase in opportunities also comes an increase in busy-ness. One thing is for sure. Make sure you can handle what you take on. Meaning that you can show up fully. I’ll explain this later on. I’ve learned, and continue to learn, a few tips that will help you keep things in check.

By showing up fully, I mean can you be completely present when you’re there? When you commit to doing something can you shop up 100%? Or are you preoccupied, focused on your to do list, or even resentful wishing you hadn’t agreed to go. This doesn’t apply to only face-to-face meetings. It applies to everything you do. If you’re launching a new product or doing a joint venture with someone, can you do what’s involved to make it a success?

Often we’re so excited to have a new opportunity come in, that we forget to look at the steps involved. Ask yourself how much time and energy is needed to see the new opportunity through from start to finish. You may have to defer it for a future date when you can fully commit. You want to be able to do the best job you can. It’s your brand we’re talking about. You are your brand 🙂

Ask yourself what you’re priorities are. What are the top 3-5 projects that when implemented will bring you closer to your financial goals WHILE doing what you love? If this new opportunity doesn’t fit right now, it’s okay to say no.

Give yourself enough time. This one is still a work in progress for me 🙂 Over estimate how much time each task will take including travel time. It’s better to overestimate and be early, then underestimate and be late. This applies to everything really. From phone calls to working on a project to hosting a teleclass. Giving yourself enough prep. Time is key.

Sometimes we get so excited to just be approached by someone else. Make sure it’s a fit for you and that it will be a mutually beneficial agreement. I love this line from Deepak Chopra, “…we are neither superior nor inferior to anyone”.

The above tips will help you check in and reassess as you start to get busier. As you do this, you will be on track to making sure your business is in alignment with your lifestyle goals 🙂