My son Jude managed to quadruple his money in about 30 mins the other night 😳

He purchased some “fire” 🔥 items from a thrift shop with the intention of selling them for a higher profit. When his younger sister saw them she immediately wanted all of said items.

And the negotiation began.

Ella used some of her own money but didn’t have enough for everything. And in stepped my husband.

He hired her to do a major clean-up we had been avoiding!

So she was happy she got the money.

My husband was happy to not do the extra clean-up.

Jude was happy he made a sale.

I was happy everyone was happy 🤣 and that Ella earned the money and wasn’t given it.

And I thought…this is blog worthy!

We literally went from having a conversation with Jude about how he can earn more money to him almost immediately doing so.

He spotted the opportunity and went for it.

And it made everyone happy.

Too often as entrepreneurs we stop. We stope from the seizing the opportunity to earn money because we feel bad. Especially as women.

We feel bad asking as if we’re taking something from someone else. And we want everyone to feel good!

But remember your product or service helps people. The right people who are your ideal clients ❤️

The universe does not take from one to give to another. It’s an equal rights universe and just because money is exchanged doesn’t mean the other person is then without something. They are gaining your assistance.

Which some might say is priceless.

So happy opportunity spotting and seizing! You are your clients are worth it 💙