There is a lot of misleading information and I want to say “pressure” around goal setting…

Over the years I’ve seen some consistencies…

“Am I setting big enough goals?”

“How much is too much?”

“I just want to have enough to live a simple life”

“A million dollars sounds good”

But most of the time we’re not conscious of why we’re setting these goals. I gave you an exercise a few weeks ago around dreaming big and mapping out your ideal lifestyle first. Then determining your financial goal second, based on your ideal lifestyle.

But really what we’re doing is setting goals that stretch us. That ideal lifestyle feels like a big dream, that we’re excited to create but wonder at the same time, “can I actually make it happen?”

The answer is yes!

And by mapping out an empowered lifestyle that we’re excited about and will bring us joy is okay to want!

And it’s these goals that help us grow – and honestly remember – who we really are.

The most magnificent, co-creators and powerful beings here to create happiness!

Whatever makes our ❤️ sing 🎶

Where we can get to the point of thinking, “I would love to go to Hawaii”, and the opportunity shows-up two days later to speak there ! (True story! I’m excited to go in November 🌺)

And you see said opportunities because you’re worthy of receiving.

And you bring them to fruition because you know how to take inspired action.

Because you’ve grown and done the INNER work to get there.

That you continue to work on.

Growing and evolving.

And that’s really what the old term B-HAG is referring too!

Remember that one from the early coaching days?

Big Hairy Audacious Goals!


They are about setting a goal so big that it feels scary – only because you have no idea how to make it happen. Not scary in the literal sense.

And you do the inner work to get there.

Letting go of self-imposed limitations that keep you stuck and in a disempowered state.

This came up for a client this week – who had a major revelation about her next level of goal setting!

And when I asked her what she would do differently if she was making X per week, she replied:

“I wouldn’t feel like I had to post on social media as often. I wouldn’t be trying to get something. I would just be sharing from the overflow (of her cup).”

A shift from “should to share” as we called it!

And this type of sharing would look remarkably different – sharing from a place of what lights her up and inspires her instead of what she thinks she has to in order to “get” something…

I have to say kudos to this amazing lady for being so honest and her willingness to go so deep, because not a lot of people are.

But that is the “work” we’re talking about…

And so her financial goal isn’t about all of the material things she will buy, it’s about letting go…

Letting go of the limitations that are holding her back from being who she really is.

Stripping away all of the “shoulds” and “gets” to just be…

And isn’t it interesting?

What she is really dialing back is freedom. Freedom to just help and serve others in a way that she is inspired to do.

Which will actually bring in the financial abundance anyway…

This is why “act as if” is so important.

As a coach, we want our clients to step into this version of themselves now. Before they create it.

Then asking – How does this version of you act? Make decisions? Show-up in the world? And my favourite – how do they take care of themselves?

Because self-care / self-love is key.

It’s ALL about receiving.

And when you step into this place of already BE-ing this version of you, you become this version faster 🙌

Because what you put out comes back. Always.

But are you prepared to do the inner work to be able to operate from that place?

Where you let go of what people think and ALL of the judgment?

And if you are, drop me a “yes”!!!

And then…

What goal do you need to set, that is in alignment with your ideal lifestyle, and that stretches you so that you are forced to grow, step out of the ego’s limitations, and step into the ultimate manifestor you really are? 💫💛

Have an amazing weekend pondering this over! We are enjoying the last weekend before school starts camping by the ocean and are so thankful for these moments with the kids 💙

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

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