When we’re inspired, we can truly create anything. It literally changes our perspective from a glass half empty to a glass half full. We are inspired to dream big and do big! Life is exciting! We feel unstoppable – like we can change the world. It’s these feelings that fuel us forward. It’s this inspiration that drives us to achieve big goals and do great things. It’s in this place that we need to stay and operate from.

When we live in an inspired place, we can also see with total clarity how our past experiences shaped who we are today. None of our experiences are bad. They either show us when we’re getting off course or when we’re on track. Either way, they always serve as a lesson in taking us to the next level. Would we have chosen to sometimes learn the lesson in a different way? Sure. The reality though is our experiences were stepping stones to get us to where we are today. When we look at things with a positive perspective, we can see every lesson we learned and how helpful it was in our growth.

The other great aspect with being inspired is that we have more faith. We have a stronger ability to trust that we will live our purpose and achieve the goals we want to achieve. This is vital for actually doing it. When we know our success is certain, we can focus on being of service to others and living our purpose. Abundance then follows. Pretty amazing right?

Becoming and staying inspired may take a little work. If you need help getting inspired think about movies and books you love, and analyze why. There will likely be some hidden gems in there about what is important to you. Once you know what inspires you, connect with that every day. I like to call this our bigger “why”. Why are you in business? Is it to make a difference in the lives of others? Is it about giving back to a cause you feel strongly about? Is it about providing a wonderful life for your family? For me it’s about having the freedom to create whatever I desire and showing others how to do the same. This fuels me forward. This is in the forefront of my mind every single day. This inspires me.

In terms of staying inspired, set yourself up for success by creating an environment that enables you to thrive. Surround yourself with like-minded people who lift you up and make you feel good. Read or listen to books that motivate and inspire you. Take time for yourself to make sure you’re really feeling good. Uplift yourself in whatever way works for you. Stay in this place as often as you can, and make decisions from this and only this place.