This week I really enjoyed meeting a like-minded entrepreneur in the area. We had such a great conversation about business and life! I’m so thankful to have met her 🙂 We even dined at the Women’s City Club of Pasadena. They occupy one of the oldest buildings in Pasadea. It was a great lunch!

We talked earlier this month about throwing out your resolutions and making a plan for 2011 instead. This was due to the fact that most people set such high goals for themselves that they don’t end up accomplishing any of them. Today, we’re checking in and recapping about what it takes to make a successful plan that you can stick to this year AND see results.

I’m hoping you haven’t become overwhelmed and thrown in the towel. Are your goals realistic? Maybe you need to reassess. Remember to set yourself up to succeed. Be realistic when deciding what it is you would like to accomplish.

It helps to breakdown your goal into manageable steps. What is the first step you can do to put you on track to achieving your goal? Then write down all subsequent steps needed. Be as specific as possible, so that you can be reasonable with the amount of time it will take to reach your goal.

From there schedule in all of the steps. Get out your calendar and assign a date to each task. This will hold you accountable to what you have decided to do. You will also have a concrete plan AND that will help you reduce any stress. You will be organized instead 🙂

Have you arranged support? Even the most successful people don’t do things alone. Work with a friend, family member, mentor or a coach. We can always use a personal cheerleader holding us accountable and motivating us to be the best we can be. Remember to choose someone who will support you and provide you with POSITIVE encouragement 🙂