So my tire had been flat for MONTHS! Every week I would fill it up, meaning to contact the dealership to get it fixed or replaced.

But I didn’t… and then I kept coming up against those tire filler machines being our of service everywhere, what the heck?!

I finally reached out to the dealership and was waiting on a quote for a new tire.

Well, the universe finally forced my hand, with the air filler-upper not working at all even when I found a machine that worked!

So instead of just taking it farther away to the dealership, I finally went to the spot in town. I dropped it off, and then walked to the local Starbucks on my way home, and I ended up being filled-up entirely!

First, I love walks. They clear my mind and soul.

Second, Christmas is in full force with the lights and decorations up, with Christmas carols even playing! Love 💫

And from there my day was amazing! Coincidence 🤔

🎄 My tire got fixed for free! There was a nail in it and they just fixed it for me. What the…

🎄 Several past clients booked readings with me – this truly lights up my soul ❤️

🎄 I’m running some ads and taking a course, and I got stuck. Well the coordinator jumped in and did it ALL for me. Be still my heart!

🎄 One of my featured coaches signed-up her first long term client! Seeing my coaches succeed has been a vision for yrs 💕

🎄 Our financing went through for a new property we’re investing in! 🤗

Guys! This isn’t a coincidence! It’s all because I was so empowered with finally taking my car in! And that set the WHOLE tone or the day.Tackling these little tolerations we put up with goes a long way. 👊

And it’s also the nature of the beast. When we take the time to do things for ourselves, the universe matches our self-love with more to love 💕

So what do you need to start tackling this weekend! Gert er’ done! You’ll feel great I promise!

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. We are taking a little break from the pod, but will be back soon with more guests and inspiring content 💕 Definitely tune in if you’re not caught-up – lots of goodness for sure 🙂