Hmm… what do those two things have to do with one another?


They have to do with RECEIVING.

Being able to receive the divine guidance that is here for all of us, whatever way, shape or form it shows up in… whether it’s a sign, a book, an idea, or even angelic guidance!

What I’ve learned is it will show-up differently for everyone, and it will be whatever resonates with each of us the MOST!

I used to LOVE getting angel readings from someone who became a great friend in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I met him at the little spiritual shop in the cute downtown area and was immediately drawn in.

BUT I needed to know he was normal first with having been an engineer beforehand 🀣

Funny how our minds work right?

Now that doesn’t matter to me at all…it’s more about the how accurate the guidance is…

But there’s also something else.

We must also make the time to RELAX. It’s super hard to receive those divinely led brainstorms if we’re rushing around trying to fit in so much…

Those patterns come from the ego – where we’re lacking in some way… time… smarts… experience… it talks us into all kinds of things to keep us in the perpetual pattern of busy-ness…

I’m not saying we don’t ever take inspired action or even have extra busy days working on projects…

But making time for ourselves throughout is key.

It raises our vibration… it helps us see the solution already there for us.

We are more RESOURCEFUL.

Meaning we are allowing ourselves to receive.

That’s where all of those brainstorms flow in…

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Much Love and Happy Saturday!

~ Chris xox