I had an amazing date night last Saturday with Jason. We had a wonderful dinner on a patio overlooking the lake. I’m not sure if my favourite part of the evening was the rainbow that stretched over the lake, the succulent food, inspiring conversation or the awesome guitarist that played a few feet away from us! It was such a magical night and I felt so great being dressed up and wearing my high heels! This of course triggered this week’s tip.

It’s amazing how great you feel by simply dressing up and having a night out on the town once in awhile. I’ve been pretty casual these days and so it was a big decision for me as to which high heels to wear!! I think we need to go out more often!

I have to say that feeling great put me in a state of attracting a positive evening. On the way to the restaurant, we called about getting a reservation. We were told, at 8:20 p.m., that they weren’t taking reservations for the patio and that the wait was so long that we definitely wouldn’t get a table. I had my heart set on going to this particular spot, so we decided to go anyway trusting we would get in. When we arrived, we got the last parking space! We were immediately seated on the patio where they have outdoor living room furniture set up. It was cute & private, with a great view to boot! By the time we finished a glass of champagne, our table on the patio, which incidentally was closest to the lake, was ready! It just goes to show what feeling good can lead to! We had one of the best nights ever!

Action Challenge

Since a lot of you want to attract positive experiences into your lives and want to make room for changes, it’s important to feel good as often as you can. It could be something as simple as putting on a great pair of heels or to something more extravagant such as booking a romantic get away. What will it be for you? What can you commit to doing (or planning) over the next couple of weeks?