Saturday was my 40th birthday and I celebrated with a bang by going with parasailing out on the pacific with great friends followed by a celebratory lunch 🙂 Then off to a fundraising gala tonight where my favourite musicians, aka my husband and best friend, performed. I am tearing up as I write this, as I just feel so grateful to have so much love, fun and support in my life. I hope you feel the same xo


I’m doing something a little bit different today, and here is a little video I filmed instead for you this week 🙂



Want to jump ahead, no problem…


I decided to create a special birthday gift this year, and am offering you a free month of Global Circle to check out what we’re up to there – if you’re not already a member or haven’t tried it in the past. What I love the most about Global Circle, is that everyone is connected and following the theme each month, either silently or verbally on our Facebok page, AND we’re all in it together. We have created a strong community and sense of belonging as a result 🙂 Many people have mentioned just how powerful each theme is for them and how helpful the timing each one has been in creating a big impact in their lives and businesses. I am just so honoured to have so many great people be a part of this movement.


** We are focusing on TRUST starting October 1st!!!! **



Trust has been a common theme lately amongst private clients, which tells me this is likely prevalent for many others too. Trust in yourself to make the “right” decision, trust in others to build connection and collaboration, and trust in the universe and something bigger to guide you and show you your next steps. We will be strengthening our trust muscle for 21 focused days in October, and subsequently dimming the fear blocking your success. I am excited! This is going to be awesome!


* If you feel that someone else you know could benefit from our theme this month, please forward him or her this email so they can also join us as my treat. Just enter coupon code “BIRTHDAY”, when registering HERE. Coupon expires tonight.



I hope to catch you tomorrow Chris!


Much Love,


~ Chris xo


P.S. This program works best when you allot time for it each day at the same time. All inspiration will go out at 3 am PT / 6 pm ET. Put it down in your calendar now to get fully set-up for success 🙂 HERE is that registration link again, and remember to enter coupon code BIRTHDAY 🙂


P.P.S. If you liked the style of this week’s video, you can catch me live every Friday morning on Instagram 🙂 Just follow me HERE so that you can get access! xo