I realized something interesting the other day…

We can either focus on grievances or gifts…

This was after I realized myself that I was getting caught-up in grievances.

I volunteer for an organization and there was A LOT going on this past week…which meant a lot of people involved and a lot of personalities getting flared up. I too found myself getting caught-up in the weeds of it all.

There were a lot of logistics and a lot of moving pieces.

With this inevitably comes stress.

And then I caught myself.

I was getting caught up in the weeds.

Focusing on the grievances of the situation.

Which is just the ego’s way of distracting us.

Distracting us from what we really want to be doing and brings joy.

Sure I still had “to do’s” on my list, but I didn’t need to get caught-up in the mental anguish and stress around it.

And then I remembered that I was wanting to try to figure out the next real estate investment we have our eye on.

Now that lights me up!

And so I thought, I can focus on grievance or I can focus on the gifts the universe has to offer.

For me the gifts are in the brainstorms.

The universe is always guiding us and ready to show-us the most abundant soul-utions.

And so I went for a walk, which really is my boardroom, and focused on the gifts.

And of course I has the biggest brainstorms 💫

Too often we get stuck in the weeds, aka the grievances, and don’t even realize.

And before we know it we are disempowered and even sucked into the drama.

So how can we stop, take a minute, and realize we don’t have to do this?

We can literally pivot our thoughts, and focus on the gifts all around us and that are really already within us 💫

I hope this helps you have a shift too when you feel yourself getting caught-up in the heaviness.