I’ve been sticking to my extra self-care practice once a day 90% of the time and it feels amazing!! Realizing some days it won’t happen, but for the most part it will, has made all of the difference in feeling good instead of not. It can be easy to beat ourselves up if we’re not perfect all of the time – and for me – if I can do this most of the time I am legitimately happy and satisfied and that’s really all that matters. What will make you feel good about your goals and intentions this year?

So I’ve heard a lot of judgements lately about the word “goals” and how no one wants to crush anything anymore and how that doesn’t feel good. I’ve peeled back the layers on this and hope this helps you in looking at what feels best for you. In today’s article I identify the ego and how it plays a part in this practice.


Goals v. Intentions


What I’ve come to realize is what’s rubbing people the wrong way about “setting goals” is that it tends to be about pushing. Pushing for more, wanting more, never being satisfied with what you have, and continuing to strive. Bottom line meaning you are not enough. Whatever you have now is not good enough, meaning you’re not good enough, as most people measure their self-worth by what they have or don’t have and not by whom they are on the inside. Their worthiness comes from the external and is not internal.


This is the ego.


Those thoughts that are telling you don’t have enough and need more. That you need to keep striving so that one day you can finally feel good enough after you have “made it”. Whatever that means.


Here’s the thing though. The ego is never satisfied. So if this the thinking you are identifying with and listening to…




You will get there only to find you need more, and the cycle starts all over again.


So when people are getting upset with the term goal setting, what I really believe deep down is that most people are setting goals from their ego. And this is why it feels off. We’re tired of this. We want a new approach that actually makes us feel good as we are now and not as though we are lacking in some way.


What does that look like…




When we set an intention to be the best version of ourselves and create the most incredible life that reflects that, we are coming from a completely different place. We are coming from a place of love instead. We yearn for more connection, peace and love. We want to expand this out to others.


That is very different than an ego centered goal – which is all about you.


We then need to make the DECISION.


The decision to follow our hearts and what brings us joy, and then the decision to show-up differently, heal our pain, and blocks that are in the way of giving and receiving (true abundance). We need to create new thoughts, feelings and habits, that will in turn connect us to what is already inside of us.


It’s not about trying, it’s about remembering.


When we try so hard we are coming from fear and doubt deep down that it’s not going to work.


When we remember who we are and what we are connected to, everything flows easefully. When we let go of the stories, the shame, the blame and the pain, we can do it.


Whether you call it a goal or an intention, it really doesn’t matter. It’s what you’re bringing with the word – is it coming from ego or love? What is your true intention behind what you’re wanting to create more of?


What pain do you need to heal, what loving feelings do you need to create more of? And HOW can you incorporate this into your daily life so that it becomes your experience?


That’s what matters the most.


Namaste friends, love you all xoxo