Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the U.S. I am thankful to have one of my best friends from Canada nearby in San Diego. We merged our families, along with some new friends, for a huge feast! We all had lots to be thankful for.

As I write this week’s article I am reminded of how important it is to feel thankful on a daily basis. Read on for tips on how to incorporate this into your daily routine and why it’s impetrative for growing you business and living a happy life in general 🙂

Here is a picture of Jude and Ella painting while I reflect and write this article 🙂 I’m feeling super thankful for the life we have here in California.

In order to attract the things we want in our life, it’s important to align our energy with the energy of those things. Essentially, if we’re feeling bad then we will attract more bad into our lives. The same works for the good. The better we feel, the more we will attract into our lives that makes us feel good 🙂

A great way to change our vibration (how we’re feeling) is to feel thankful for what we do have. And not just say we’re thankful, but to actually take a few minutes and really feel thankful. By taking the time to feel thankful, we actually in turn raise our vibration. We can then attract more to be thankful for, aka what we are wanting for ourselves.

Think about how you can start incorporating feeling thankful each day into your routine. For me, it’s walking our dog every morning on the local trail. I love starting my day this way. I always set the intention when I start out that I will feel thankful by the end of my walk. I always do. I always remember to think about what I’m thankful for that day. I finish my walk feeling blissful and peaceful.

Afterward you can incorporate a visualization exercise. It’s a great time to do this because you’re already in a positive state. You can visualize what you are working on for yourself, whether it’s a new client, doing fulfilling work or even something in your personal life like relocating. It’s important again to not only picture it or say it in your mind, but to actually feel it. What does it feel like to achieve or have those things? How would your life be different? What would you do? Get as specific as you can in order to truly invoke those feelings. It might feel strange at first, but stick with it and you will start to look forward to this time in your day. It also helps to do this at the same time every day in order to make it stick in your day-to-day routine.

Today, I’m thankful for all of you and to have the opportunity to share and learn with you. Thank-you for being a part of my life 🙂