What is Stopping You from doing what You Love?

It’s amazing to realize that often our biggest barrier preventing us from moving forward is ourselves! If we could just let go of our doubts and have faith in ourselves, we would be a lot better off and on our way to experiencing an amazing life!

What is holding you back? Is it fear of failure or even fear of success (that’s right, when we dig deep that one can surface)…or how about fear of what others think? Imagine living a life where you trust yourself and make your own decisions? Where you have the courage to move forward and take big risks…can you really afford not to? What price will you pay long term for staying where you are?? Get Over Yourself!

Action Challenge

Make a list of all the thoughts holding you back from doing what you love. Now, make a counter list for why each of these thoughts aren’t true. For example, the first list may show “I’m scared of what others think” and the second list something like “Deep down I’m the only one who know’s what’s best for me”.

After you’ve made both lists, read the second one over and over until this sticks. When you’re ready, and this could be the same day, a week later or even a month afterwards, burn that first list. That’s right, actually set fire to it – in a safe, supervised place of course! We don’t want that “gunk” hanging around anywhere…it’s pretty liberating to see your limiting beliefs go up in flames too!! So Get Over Yourself – Literally!

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