It’s really hard to get clear on what you want to do with your business if you have lots of “stuff” taking up room in your life. This can range from clutter in your home, office and mind 🙂

Read on for practical tips on how to clear this clutter and gain some clarity.

Clutter in your home or office can consist of things like papers or junk that needs to be cleared out and dealt with. It can even be tasks you need to do like having something repaired, paying bills or making an appointment. Think about how much time and energy you would save if these things were dealt with? You wouldn’t be wasting time thinking about what needs to be done. Pay attention to any emotional attachments you might have to your “stuff”. This is important to recognize in order to let go.

Clutter in your office or business can also mean “busy” work like emails that take away your time and focus from income producing activities. Schedule in some time to clear out this clutter and create a system for going forward that will keep you on top of things, but not take away from getting results.

Imagine having systems in place to handle all of these things? Meaning having process and guidelines in place for everything from when you do the laundry to how you follow-up with potential clients. Think of how much more smoothly your life (and business) will run 🙂

Mind clutter ranges from negative relationships, stressful situations to limiting beliefs (beliefs about yourself that literally hold you back like unworthiness, low confidence, etc.). Every time you think about that fight with your sister or how you’re going to handle something, you again drain your time and energy. Thus making it difficult to focus on things that will move you and your business forward.

Limiting beliefs are probably the biggest obstacle. You can get everything else cleared out and organized, but if you don’t believe in yourself and your worthiness then you still won’t move forward. You will procrastinate or create some other way to get in your own way and sabotage your success. I’ve been using a technique lately that helps people get to the root of a negative belief, so that they can finally let it go and move forward.

Think about what keeps showing up for you to gain some insight as to what the issue(s) might be.

Take action and de-clutter today! Think about where and when you can start. Scheduling will help you make the time 🙂