There are a couple of different ways to look at why it’s important to get a handle on you financial situation, but they all point to the same conclusion. If you want more money to flow into your life, you must have a plan in place in order to succeed.

First, it’s a known fact that successful people know the state of their financial situation. It can be such a daunting task at first, but once you go through the initial steps of figuring it out it’s not so bad going forward. From there, you can set-up systems to ensure you stay on top of it. My husband and I like to use to track our personal finances, and I’m a little “old-school” with my business and use excel. Do a little research and decide what will work best for your business and personal needs. It’s also important to create a manageable plan for reducing any debt you might have and to improve your overall situation.

Next, what you attract grows. Once you have a tracking system in place, you will notice it will start to grow. It’s also a known fact that what you focus on will increase. If you’re focused on improving your finances you will do just that. You will have a plan for tracking your spending and checking-in regularly. Your focus will be on your finances – and this alone will bring improvement.

It’s also amazing how freeing it is to be in control of this area of your life. Given that it’s “money” that causes the most stress personally and in relationships, it makes sense that having a handle on your finances will improve your stress level.

I’ve witnessed first hand the universe will provide more financial opportunities to those that are responsible with what they already have. Once you get control over your finances and have a plan for reducing debt/moving forward, unexpected opportunities will pop up that quite frankly feel magical! The universe will bring you opportunities/ideas that you never would have thought of before. You will move from being down and worried about your situation to hopeful and optimistic. Amazing things start happening.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason things start happening is because you’ve raised your vibration. If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you know that like attracts like. Positive feelings lead to more to be positive/happy about. Once you have control over your finances you begin to feel empowered. It’s natural that you will attract more that makes you feel just like that. What’s important to realize is that you can’t get down about any debt/poor situation that you might have. Of course it’s important to deal with it and put together a plan for tackling it, but after that do not get bogged down by it. If you do, again you will attract more of the same – more to feel down about. Be happy that you’ve increased your awareness around it instead and proud that you’re working towards fixing it. This increase in frequency (vibration), will be much more beneficial to helping your situation 🙂

For tips on how to allocate your savings and how to’s for putting together a money-plan, check out any of David Bach’s books.