We’re heading to Dana Point this week for a family vacation to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday 🙂 I’m really looking forward to celebrating, along with relaxing & rejuvenating by the ocean. sigh 🙂

This week’s article is all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and why this is imperative for moving forward.

“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”

I love this statement because it’s all about stretching yourself out of your comfort zone and being comfortable with it on a continuous basis. In order to grow and learn, you must be willing to take risks and plow through your fears. Moving forward and doing new things can be scary, but if you don’t do it you will be left feeling stagnant and likely with a lot of regret.

So “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”, has become my new motto. After doing so many new and “scary” things over the past few years, I’ve come to being cool with feeling the fear and doing it anyways and to almost expect it! It always subsides and then I’m on to the next thing 🙂

Another point that comes to mind is flexibility. I am a true believer that setting goals is important for creating your ideal lifestyle. Without taking action, you won’t move forward. However, staying flexible within that process is equally important. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, then you understand that we’re not supposed to worry about the “how” portion of it coming to fruition.

Setting the intention, trusting it will happen and letting go of attachment (control of the how), and then taking inspired action is how it works. You still need to take action, but the difference between having such a tight grip on figuring things out and inspired action, is that you “let go and let it flow”! Meaning you trust it will happen and then release the idea. From there you pay attention to any people, circumstances, events and ideas that you have that will enable you to achieve your goals 🙂

It can be scary to let go of control. Just having faith that it will work out AND being okay with that is a huge part of it actually happening. If you are so focused on “how” to make it happen, the opportunity to make it happen can pass you right by. Being flexible and having that “go with the flow” attitude can feel uncomfortable at first. This too shall pass and will give you the practice and experience to tackle the next goal with more ease and confidence 🙂