Is this even possible?


I did it and many of my clients have done it, with now making multiple six-figures…

It’s not about the size of your online community…

It’s about the QUALITY of your CONVERSATIONS.

I know it seems easy to think; “I’ll just grow my email list to the thousands then offer an e-book, membership, lower priced course, etc.”

But that isn’t the easiest way.

It might seem easier than having sales conversations…

BECAUSE everyone, I repeat everyone, is afraid of sales!

We’ve all had a bad “sales” experience where the person only cared about their own interests and just wanted to “sell” us something…

…and we DO NOT want to come across as “salesy”.

Sure, we all have our own big goals and dreams, but we chose this profession because we want to help people reach their goals!

BUT… we can’t do that unless we get over this fear…

Because when you get over this fear, not only will your bank account grow faster than you thought possible, but so will your IMPACT!

Imagine having truly inspired conversations, with people who need your help, who YOU CAN HELP!!!

Coaching on this deeper level is the most meaningful work that I hold in the highest regard.

But you must be willing to get past the fear of sales.

What if you could have just one conversation, that generates 6-figures? With a client you are stoked & excited to work with?

Would it be worth it?

Because this is the work you need to do to have the business and clients you truly want 💛

I teach more about this in my latest video training “How to Grow Your Online Coaching Business this Weekend” to help you get moving with a fun little challenge too! I challenge you to make the time to watch it AND take the action too!

You’ve got this and I’m here to support you 🙌

~ Chris xox