I hope you had an amazing week! A lot of great things happened this week for both my clients and myself! Lots of BIG dreams came true and I am reminded of the creative power we ALL have inside us. Dream big and don’t settle for less. You can completely be, do and have anything! The sky is the limit!!

So what can throw us off? Well, what’s interesting is if you’re anything like me you’re probably pretty sensitive to other people’s energy. Meaning their negative energy can bring down your positive energy in an instant if you’re not aware of it. For example, if someone is angry, I can literally feel a sharp pain shooting through my chest. If I’m not careful this can completely bring me down, which consequently tends to happen more if I let my self-care practice slide. Self-care allows us to be relaxed, at peace, confident and the opportunity to fully stand in our power. It is MUCH easier to “let go” of heavier emotions and not get triggered by others when we take care of ourselves.

Let’s talk triggers for a moment. By triggers, I mean anything that will “trigger” us to react instead of respond. To fall prey to fear (that’s all anger is), instead of operating from a place of love and connection. We can get triggered in our physical environments or in our relationships. It can also happen in a professional setting.

I want to share a personal example, so that this really hits home. I also want you to be really honest and discover which side you have been on – and maybe it’s been both. I definitely have been.

One time I was sponsoring an event. I was a little nervous – I was going to be on stage and I had paid a lot of money to be there. I had a lot riding on the results and was trying desperately not to be attached to the outcome. Total red flag. I wasn’t focused on being of service even though I thought I was.

What happened on day 2 was interesting. A woman who had popped by my table several times the day before came up and abruptly asked me if I was pregnant. It wasn’t in a nice, excited way that usually takes place when another woman realizes one of her fellow sisters is pregnant. It felt mean and spiteful, and TARGETED. I was not pregnant and didn’t look pregnant – at least I don’t think I did. This triggered me BIG time. Now I don’t tend to typically get upset -it’s rare that I even allow myself to cry (I’m working on that one), but this one hit home. There were tears and feelings of inferiority. I just couldn’t understand how someone could be so mean when this was a self-development event for goodness sake. We were supposed to be there to improve ourselves, not be an a-hole to one another. I let her get to me.

Well, this my friends was my first introduction to leveling. Where someone else doesn’t feel good about themselves and they try to bring other people down to their level to compensate. It’s mean, it’s dirty and it’s usually UNCONSCIOUS!!!! I don’t think most of us act like that on purpose. At least I like to hope not. For every behaviour, there is always a positive intention deep down. In this case, this woman was looking for love on some level.

I’ve thankfully learned to spot this from a mile away – any time someone says “you should do _____”, it’s leveling. Anytime someone tells you how “successful” they are, it’s leveling. Their core wound has been triggered and they are projecting it on to you. You’ve triggered something in THEM to cause this reaction. If you see it for what it’s worth and can appreciate it’s a cry for help on a deeper level, you have successfully “let go” of the emotional trigger and are operating from your higher self. Where it doesn’t affect you. If you get “triggered” it’s okay – we’ve all been there – and it’s just another opportunity to practice “letting go” and stand in your power.

** Let’s return to that red flag I mentioned earlier too. I was putting out fear at that event and I therefore got more back to feel bad about. It wasn’t a coincidence. This is also a great example of how what we put out comes back, even if in mysterious ways that don’t seem related. **

So….are you going to be a leveler or level headed?

You get decide if you’re going to let go and how much. Remember – let go to let it flow. The more we can let go of caring what others think the more we can stand in our brilliance, and create the results and live the lifestyle we really want. As you put yourself out there, which is part of being a business owner, you will encounter more and more levelers. It’s just human nature 🙂

Namaste Friends and make it a great weekend!