This week I had fun chatting with a new client about dreaming big and really going for it! I am reminded of how grateful I am for the life I have created for myself and my family. I am doing something I love for a living, I spend a couple of days a week with the kids, and we live in an area that we love 🙂

Here is a picture of Ella at the beach this week 🙂

I am reading a great book right now that reinforces the fact that we do live on, and how all of our small day-to-day worries would fade if we “just believed” and kept it in perspective. Read on to see why this is true and how it can have a HUGE impact on your life 🙂

Imagine how your thoughts and actions would change if you were no longer afraid of dying. Really think about it. Every single thing you are afraid of comes down to being afraid of death. Take money for example. If you are worrying about not having enough of it, what are you really afraid of? Becoming poor and living on the street? Then becoming ill and dying? I’m definitely not discounting how awful it would be to be homeless, and my heart reaches out to the people who are. BUT if you believed you could not die, would you be so afraid of not having enough money? After all, you can’t take it with you anyways 🙂

If you believe that we are eternal and that our spirits live on, you truly will have a different perspective on life. You won’t care as much about traffic jams or even impressing people. In turn, you will feel more peaceful and less stressed. You will be more concerned with making your time count while you are here on earth. Being kind and compassionate to others, and especially with yourself. Do any of the little things you get hung up on really matter? The term don’t sweat the small stuff comes to mind. The more we believe we live on, the more we can let go our current day worries. 🙂

I never believed in this sort of thing until my Dad passed away. I ended up coming across a book afterwards written by Doreen Virtue that opened up my mind. After getting over my initial fearfulness of it all, I contacted a medium who forever changed my life 🙂 It was completely obvious that my Dad was in the room with us. Although I miss being able to communicate with him regularly, it brings me peace to know he’s around and confirms my belief that we are eternal 🙂 This in turn has led me to do a lot of reading about other people and their abilities to reach the other side. It’s quite fascinating. Some of you are skeptical I’m sure. Don’t knock it until you try it. Contact a medium or read a book on the subject. I think you’ll find there is enough evidence that will convince you otherwise. I’m currently reading a book by Brian Weiss, renowned psychiatrist who stumbled upon past life regression work. It is interesting to learn about how his perspective shifted, especially with him having such a medical based background.

How different would our world be if everyone just believed? Our decisions in all areas of life would improve; from health, relationships, career to finances.