Do you ever notice how much better you feel after going for a massage or even a walk? Do you feel like you are more rested and therefore have more energy? It’s funny how we know to do this, but it somehow gets neglected. Our “get everything else done” voice is a lot louder!

Something magical happens when we start to take care of ourselves. We become less stressed, happier, more fun to be around and even more creative. I swear it’s true. If you’re anything like I used to be, you are so busy and pulled in so many different directions, that you probably can’t even fathom what I’m saying.

Start off small. Book a massage (or something else spa like), once a month. I remember not really enjoying massages before because it took until the very end to even START relaxing. I can now go and really enjoy relaxing! It wasn’t long before I started craving more of it.

What do you love to do that is just for you? Is it going for a coffee with a friend, taking a drive, painting, etc.? Take the time to do these things. A great way to fit it in is spending the time one evening a week for an hour or two.

Getting outside is another great way to take a break. Is there somewhere you can walk that is near your office? Even 15 minutes is something.

Take a sea salt bath. This is a great way to clear out all of the toxins in your body and a wonderful way to relax and turn your brain off. Adding in a book, candles & a glass of wine (oops – toxins?) is a nice touch too 🙂

Meditation is by far the best way to calm the mind. It also helps to develop your intuition and strengthen your confidence. It really isn’t that scary. It’s about focusing on your breathing and sitting / laying still. You can’t get it wrong.

Whatever you decide on, schedule it in. Like anything, if you want to commit to something and stick to it, scheduling it really helps. It’s kind of a mental thing. They say writing something down helps to get it into your head better, and I think the same concept applies when you put things into your calendar in advance. As opposed to merely thinking you will “fit it in” sometime during the week. We all know doing something just for us is the first thing to go.

Take note of how you feel after you start making YOU a priority. You will likely notice a big difference in your productivity at work AND your overall happiness 🙂 When you’re happy you positively impact everyone around you, so what is there to feel guilty about?