I hope you enjoyed the manifesting challenge! I had so much fun connecting with you the last 5 mornings! If you missed it you can go back and watch them here ~ they are all pinned to featured at the top 🙂

We would love to hear how it went for you! What did you create as a result?

And amidst all of the manifesting reminders, we missed letting you know about our most recent podcast…

And it’s a goodie!

Speaking of manifesting and creating miracles, it involves FAITH and having trust in something bigger than us.

That we’re a part of and that’s a part of us.

We loved having Dana Shalit on this week as guest. She is someone who has taken A Course in Miracles by the horns, and conquered it with gusto!

She was humbled and the whole process of learning it was a lesson in and of itself.

She has created some amazing things with FAITH being the foundation for it all 💫

Tune into the pod this week, and you will learn more about how Dana was able to get through the entire course and how she continues to use it daily.

I also love how she ties in the science of what is going on in our bodies when we practice self-care ❤️

We hope you will enjoy listening in as mush as we enjoyed connecting with this fellow Canadian!