Hiya! I am coming to you from Italy this week! A trip that has been planned for a while 🙂

My daughter was invited to go with a family to London, Scotland, Italy and France. Her dream has always been to go to Paris, and I’ve never been, so naturally I was like, “I’ll meet you in Paris!”

I was so excited to meet up with her and here’s a picture of me arriving in Venice, this is one of my favorite places on Earth and I was so excited to come back!

Speaking of travel, work, life & kids…

How many of us are trying to juggle everything, and heaven forbid admit when we don’t do it perfectly?

What does doing it “perfectly” even mean?

Based on my many years of mindset work, it typically means we are looking for approval and acceptance outside of ourselves.

Looking for others to validate that we’re “good enough”.

Meaning there is no room for error because that opens us up to “not enough-ness.”

But if we feel good enough regardless of our imperfections, we don’t need that external validation.

AND we can even start sharing our f%ck ups with others.

We can be real.

We can be vulnerable.

Because this makes us human and relatable.

And at the end of the day, peace is always available to us, especially when we surrender to that divine guidance there for all of us, that always has our backs.

Regardless of what our ego wants to tell us about not being “perfect” enough.