Are you making a prison for yourself without even realizing it?

Do your thoughts keep you in a negative place?


Seeking reassurance.

Never trusting yourself or your decisions.

I see this all too often with business owners.

Always doubting themselves and never quite measuring up.

After studying A Course in Miracles for the last 15-years, I’ve learned the solution to personal imprisonment is forgiveness.

Forgiving ourselves and others.

I remember working with a client once who had plateaued in her business. It wasn’t until we did some deeper belief work, that she realized she needed to forgive her ex-husband.

We did a mindset exercise and she was able to let it go. Not condone his acts, but let go of the tight grip it had around her.

She got out of the mental prison she was keeping herself in.

Business results began to flow.


Because what we put out we get back.

In our podcast this week we discuss how to approach any situation with a miracle-ready mindset, so that you can experience the amazing joy of heart-felt connections, and escape egocentric conflict.

I hope it helps you re-discover a little more peace ๐Ÿ’™

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

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