This has become my favourite new mantra.
I took on something a little while ago that sounded like a good idea, that actually was a good idea, but it ended up being wayyy more involved than I initially thought.
And what started with, “this will be fun”, quickly turned into a bunch of extra to do’s I hadn’t anticipated.
This caused extra stress, and I found myself right back in an old pattern. Take on too much, not having enough time to get everything done, letting things slide around the house, and snapping more at my husband and kids.
And it’s not that this doesn’t ever happen without extra stress, but it definitely happens less often.
It’s these “great ideas” that we’re excited to bring to fruition that leave us running raged trying to implement IF we don’t create the space and time.
There’s a time and a place.
Just because we have the idea doesn’t mean we have to say “GO” immediately.
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