First of all my husband’s “Dad band” did so well at the festival in town that they got a PAID gig at the iconic Belly-Up! They will be opening for a Journey cover band! Sooo FUN!

Our dreams and passions can show-up in unexpected ways! And at any time in our lives!

Stay open to it ALL!

We had a big win this week with our next investment property too! It’s still a little pre-mature to fully announce, but I am just so excited! This one has been in the works for awhile and the location is beautiful!

For those of you who don’t know, real estate investing is my second love outside of the personal development / spiritual world…

To me it’s all connected though, as it’s been through studying the universal laws that’s enabled us to make these things happen!

We have been investing in boutique rental homes in places we love so that we can use the homes and also rent them out.

And what’s funny, is my husband and I said way back when, when we still lived in Canada and before kids, that it would be so fun to have houses around the world that we could use and rent out!

This was way before airbnb or vrbo existed, and we ended up “ditching” the idea as we didn’t want to be “landlords”.

Well fast forward to a time where creative solutions are abundant, and these ideas are much more plausible 💫

You just never know when the way to make your dreams will show-up will present itself!

So don’t stop believin…hold on to that feelin’…🎶