This week we celebrated Canada Day and the 4th of July here in the U.S.! It was nice feeling connected to our friends and family back in Canada, and to also be part of the festivities in the U.S. Here is a picture of Jude and Ella getting ready for the awesome fireworks show we saw here in Claremont. I still feel so lucky to see the fireworks above the palm trees 🙂 I don’t think the novelty of that will ever wear off!

Do You Suffer from Sleep Sabotage?

Have you ever noticed how getting a good night sleep has such a HUGE impact on literally everything you do? How you interact with your kids, neighbours, business contacts? I’ve really been paying attention lately to just how important this is. It literally makes all of the difference from having a throw-in-the-towel type of a day v. a rainbow and butterflies type of experience. What I mean by that is when you’re tired, it’s easier to slip into self-doubt and negative thinking. This does not lead to making good decisions. In fact, it leads to such a downward spiral that you might feel like giving-up on your business. Am I right?

When you get a good night sleep on the other hand, you are flying high and can see the positive in everything. Your world is filled with rainbows and butterflies. You know your success is certain and you’re so excited to get your message out there. Your ideas and decisions are different when you’re in this place. You are acting like the businesswoman/man you want to be. You are at your best.

This is why sleep is so important. Sometimes I’ll talk myself into staying up late to watch a meaningless show. I’m definitely not judging any of you who do this – turning your brain off and watching a little t.v. can be exactly what you need sometimes. BUT for me, when this means staying-up late instead of getting enough sleep, I’m convinced this is a form of sabotage. I know what I need to do to thrive and I’ll stay up late anyway. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often. If you relate to this and are doing similar things more often then not, try to make it a goal to go to sleep X number of times this coming week. Notice the difference in your energy, mindset and decisions.

I find myself doing this especially when I don’t take enough down time in the evening. It could be that I’m out speaking or even working at home too long. Regardless, if I don’t feel like I’ve “relaxed” enough before going to sleep, I’ll stay up later, which just ends up affecting me negatively the next day. What I try to do instead, is turn the computer/t.v. off at a certain time and read before going to bed for a little while. This makes all of the difference for me.

Staying positive and operating from this state of mind is imperative to growing your business. Your thoughts create your reality, and you want to come from an upbeat and happy place. Be aware of behaviour patterns that are not serving you, and make the decision to change them. Watch how much better you feel, and how itimpacts your overall business and bottom line.