I remember when I used to visualize living in California, back when I was living in Canada. I used to hear the song “Glamorous“ by Fergie a lot. The line, “We flyin’ first class, up in the sky” always stood out for me. I used to picture flying into San Diego and that I was going home. Well, we recently moved to San Diego, and I had my first flight from and to SD as an official resident! It was a pretty surreal moment to say the least! I wasn’t really looking forward to the flight at first though until I remembered I was flying first class. I try to fly first class whenever I can now, but that wasn’t always the way. It really never even crossed my mind before. Isn’t that interesting. Most of us are brought-up with not even having that on our radar.


Read on to find out how every single thing you do and the decisions you make shape everything that happens in your life. Including where you sit on the plane.




When my mentor first told me to sit at the front of the plane and in the back of the car I didn’t really get it. I had flown first class only once before, which was years ago on an International flight to the Azores. It was heavenly. The champagne was flowing and the service fantastic. I really didn’t give it much thought after that though. I resisted the advice of my mentor for a while at first. I remember thinking why do I need to do that? It was more money and I would rather use it toward something else, like a nice hotel and great food. Well, my world was totally rocked the first time I actually took his advice. It just feels better up there!!! The service is great, the snacks and drink plentiful, boarding times shorter and you get to cut the security line in the airport!! Yes please!


When we surround ourselves with nice things it brings a different energy. When we feel good, we see more good, meaning more opportunities to realize our goals and dreams. It’s like anything in life. Our environment is uber important. I’ve realized this on an even bigger scale, with realizing my dream of moving to the beach just a few weeks ago! I thought this dream started after watching the movie the Secret 7 years ago, but I was actually being pulled there since I was about 8 years old. Imagine reaching a dream you’ve had for 28 years! I can tell you that I feel complete. I know it sounds all Jerry Maguire-ish, but it’s true. I am calm and at peace, and I also know without a doubt that everything I stand for, and everything I’ve been teaching is absolutely true! You can absolutely achieve your dreams and anything and everything is possible for you. When we do what we really want; whether that means living by the beach or the mountains, surrounded by people we love, or having our dream job; the energy that this creates is beautiful. This also serves a ripple effect of hope and faith for others.


The thing is that we’re not really taught to go for it. We’re taught to play it safe, that money doesn’t go on trees, to be conservative, and that first class is just where “those” people sit. All of these beliefs are limiting. Limiting in the fact that they keep us stuck from truly living an empowered and limitless life. This affects our perception of the world and how we make decisions. Basically it keeps us playing small.


I am proof it doesn’t have to be this way. You can absolutely make decision from where you want to be. To allow yourself to really go for it, to play big! It just involves a shift in perspective to make it happen 🙂