A lot of business owners are so in the muck of things, they can’t see how they will ever pay themselves first.

With growing expenses, and trying to grow as quickly as they can, paying themselves often gets moved over to “someday” land.

But something powerful happens when we pay ourselves first!

Even IF it’s just a little bit at first…

We put out a powerful message to the universe

That we are WORTHY of more…

What we put out comes back, and it’s the energy around money that will come back…

If there’s never enough and we’re always waiting for “some day”, it’s going to stay in someday land…

Check-in on the following:

1. Add up all of your current expenses, in both your personal and business,

2. What portion of your household expenses are you responsible for?

3. What can be reduced now? We don’t want to operate from lack, but we do want to look at needs versus wants. Reduce where you can like unwanted subscriptions, internet providers, etc.

4. Create an empowered banking system. I love the following system from David Bach.

– a long terms savings account (not to be touched for any depreciating assets)

– a short terms savings account

– a dream account

– a fun account

– a business account

– a business savings account

5. Decide on a percentage of your income to go directly into your long terms savings account. This is paying yourself first! Putting yourself first. You can also divide out all of the other income by percentage into to the other accounts depending on your financial responsibility and goals.

What’s great about this is ALL areas start growing, and you become empowered. Thus leading to more and more results to be empowered about. It really does work this way!

Hope that helps you take a stand for your abundance!

Have a great weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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