I’ve been teaching the law of polarity a lot this week – and harnessing it fully in my own life to be honest πŸ™‚

This is a universal law that exists whether you believe it or not. Test it if you need to. It basically means that everything has an opposite, i.e. hot/cold, left/right, etc. The awesome thing about this law is that anything you are experiencing on the inside (i.e. your thoughts), must also exist on the outside (i.e. your reality). This is great news! Allow me to translate what this means for your business and life. It means that for any desire you have, i.e. financial goal, relationship goal, etc., the way to achieve it already exists around you. You simply cannot have a desire without the means for it also being present.

Pretty cool right? The trick here though is to be open to receiving it. You must get out of your own way in order to see the way to make it happen. If you’re not open minded, you won’t see how to achieve it. It could be right in front of your nose, and you wouldn’t see it. The key is to be operating on the same frequency as your desires.

You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction, also known as the law of vibration. This law states that we’re all energy. Our thoughts and feelings dictate our reality. If we think negative things, we will attract more to us that makes us feel negative. The good news is that it works the other way too. If we think positive thoughts, we will attract more to us to be positive about. From a physics standpoint, our thoughts and feeling determine what frequency our energy is vibrating at, and we attract more to us of what operates on that same frequency. Bad = more bad, and good = more good. This is why feeling thankful and being in a place of gratitude is so important. When we think and feel this way, we attract more to us that we’re thankful for.

Take this knowledge and apply it to the law of polarity. If we want to create something in our lives that will make us feel a certain way, i.e. more money = more freedom, then we need to be operating from a place of feeling good. Do what you need to do to operate from a positive place. This is the only way you will be able to notice and therefore receive what it is you desire. A quick way to do this is to run through everything in your life that you’re thankful for. Another way is to take care of yourself! Spend time doing the things you love that make you feel good. Running around 24/7 isn’t going to do it.

Give it a try. Think about what you really want in life. What are you hoping your business can help you achieve? Know that it is possible and the way to do it is already there. I have the perfect example of this. Most of you know that after I first watched the movie The Secret, I decided I wanted to move to California. I’d felt a pull there for a long time, but that’s a whole other ezine πŸ™‚

Anyway, job opportunities kept coming up for my husband in the Inland Empire of Southern California. We decided not to pursue any of them because they weren’t near the beach. After a year or so, we realized that maybe we should check this area out. Sure enough, my husband applied for a job in that area and got an interview right away. I went with him and was amazed at how I felt! I sat by the hotel pool while he was at his interview, and my view was of snow-capped mountains and palm trees! Really, what wasn’t to love? I immediately felt like I was home πŸ™‚

I really believe it look some intense visualizing to be in a state to accept “the way” for this to occur though. I often get my biggest brainstorms after meditating and visualizing what I really want. If you haven’t tried this before, just close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes. Don’t judge what pops into your mind. If you get off track, just think about breathing again. Do this for a few minutes and then visualize what you really want. They key here is to really feel it. Just picturing it won’t work. You have to “feel” what it “feels” like to already have it. Watch what happens afterward – it’s magical!