The big question that you absolutely must give a whopping 10 out of 10 is “Do you love your business?” When I say business, I also mean practice. If you are a health professional with a private practice, you are still running a business with the intention of making a profit. Now when I say, “do you love your business” – I’m not referring to the actual running of the business, but instead what your business is based around. Meaning the service you offer your clients – your special sauce where you showcase your unique talents and gifts. For me it’s helping service-based business owners do what they love and make a profit, in order to live a life they love. If you ask me if I’m willing to trade that in for a job, the answer is no. Never. That being said I’m definitely open to going with the flow and staying open to the natural evolution of my business.

The bottom line is that you must love what you do so much that you are willing to do anything to keep doing it. This means learning about sales (yes you are now in sales), marketing and even a little bit about accounting. It means working on your personal development so that you can get out of your own way and achieve the results you want to see and live the life you want to live. It’s about learning how to build relationships and implement systems in order to increase your cash flow. The list goes on. If you don’t have that underlying love for what you do and a strong will to succeed, you won’t. In the end you will give up.  Sorry to be a negative Nancy, but I want to give it to you straight up. Businesses don’t succeed because of this very reason, so do a little check-in and make sure you love what you do and will do anything to make it a success.

It’s also important to stay flexible. You must keep an open mind to how you run your business. Pay attention to what your clients want and not what you think they need. Speak their language. Pay attention to those recurring ideas and take action on them. Go in the direction you’re excited about (even if it’s a little scary), and don’t do things because you think you “should”. If you can follow those rules you will always be moving forward and growing your business.

One way to make decisions from a positive place is by staying confident. Do whatever you can to keep your spirits high. What works for me is meditating, walking in nature, exercising, getting lots of sleep and taking time for myself. Sure, I can’t do all of these things all of the time BUT the more I can the better I feel. And the better I feel, the better the decisions I make. I also don’t care as much about what others think because I am confident with who I am. When I don’t care what pothers think (meaning people might think negatively about me), I can step into my own power and be the person and business owner I want to be. Amen to that and to you doing the same. The world needs you so please don’t give up!