One of the issues that came up for me at the mastermind retreat I recently attended was self-worth. It’s funny because I have been an overachiever my whole life, and I have always done what I’ve wanted to do and have found the way to do it! I excelled in my insurance career and was even nick named “the golden child” by a jealous colleague. However, when I decided to start my own business, a whole new mindset came to the surface. Because I didn’t have enough experience in my new field I somehow thought I wasn’t worthy. I didn’t charge very much for my services and had a hard time getting clients to sign-up (lack of self-confidence came across). Two years later, I thought I was over all of this, so I was surprised when it surfaced AGAIN! “They” say running your own business is the best personal development course you can ever take. Whoever “they” is, they are right! We are forced to look at what is going on in the inside. We can have all of the marketing & sales tools in the world, but if our mindset is not set for success, we are doomed from the beginning 🙁

At the retreat I told one woman my theory about not having enough experience in the coaching field (a millionaire I might add who helps women get “over” their money issues), and she called me on it and said, “Yeah right, I don’t buy it!”. So I have decided to dig a little deeper and see what’s really going on so that I can for once and for all get out of my own way!

Instead of signing-up for another expensive program, I started reading T. Harv Eker’s book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. This book has been sitting on my book shelf for almost a year incidentally! Have you read it? If not, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. I thought at first it was some cheesy book on how to make a million, but it’s not. It’s about taking a good look at your subconscious to really see where your mindset (money blueprint) is set at and where it comes from (likely your parents). This book is for people not making any money and for those who make it, but can’t seem to keep it…sound familiar?

After reading only 10 pages of this book, amazing things in my business started happening 🙂

So I ask you, what is your money blueprint set at? Are you here to just get by or be an all out success? And for those of you thinking right now, and I know some of you are because I thought this way too, that money isn’t everything and that you just want to help people…I say; “Yeah right, I don’t buy it!”. That sentence comes from a deep seeded belief that having money is bad. Keep in mind the more money you have the more people you can help. We have the right to abundance in ALLareas of our lives.

I know which one I am choosing 🙂 Will you come with me on this exciting ride?