To care or not to care what others think…that is the question.

The Ego definitely thrives on keeping us separated and creating any real connection from others. It wants us to stay in “not smart enough, not good enough, who are you to this or that” territory. It keeps us in fear. Fear of what others think, fear of connecting and truly loving people. It keeps us in the place of always needing to be right and proving to the world how smart we are and that damn it we are good enough!

Our higher self, our true self on the other hand, is love and abundance. We see others equally and know deep down we are all part of the bigger whole, part of a bigger consciousness where we are all equal. Where we are worthy of love and acceptance, because we are love and an extension of our Creator.

So to care or not to care….

Well, if we’re coming from the Ego it is dysfunctional. To care if we’re being judged is seeing our brothers and sisters as separate. It’s coming from a place of smallness, unworthiness and unequal. It forces us to act from a place of fear, which just isn’t real. If someone is acting adversely to you, it’s because you are projecting that fear outwards. If you weren’t, it would not even faze you and you would likely not even notice it.

On the other hand, if you’re coming from a place of love and kindness, you want to extend your love to others and treat them with kindness, love and respect. If they hurt, you hurt, and it’s from that perspective that it makes sense to care what others think. Not think about you per se, but about how they are thinking and feeling. Looking at a situation involving another from a place of how can I best help this person? How can I honour them and help them see through their obstacles? How can I help them see their greatness? How can I be there for them in a way that serves them?

And if someone is caught-up in their ego (in whatever way that looks like), it’s recognizing they are doing the best they can, truly sending them love (a prayer), and moving forward with your creations and serving in the best way you can. This is where setting healthy boundaries with others from a place of self-love and love for them comes in handy.

All we can do is work on filling ourselves up with love and that energy will extend to others like a ray of light, and if you feel off sometimes that’s okay too. Look at the thinking causing the decisions you’re making and by taking the time to feel your emotions you will actually feel more peaceful, and again be extending peace and love to others.

Namaste fellow souls xo