Last weekend we had such a special time down at the beach with friends for a bonfire. These are some of my most favourite evenings that we do here and has been a dream come true for sure 🙂 There’s just something about being on the beach at night and singing around the fire while our friends (and my husband!) play the guitar! Pure bliss.



I’ve been loving Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s latest meditation series on attraction. They go deep into desire and what it takes to attract what you’re really wanting. It got me thinking a lot more about the feelings we’re actually trying to create versus the goals we want to bring to fruition. Read today’s article to learn more about this, and to also learn what the taking action piece really looks like.


Deepak talks a lot about giving ourselves permission to follow our desires. That they are there for a reason. He also clarifies that we need to be clear on why we want something – is it to enhance our life and the goodness in it, or is it coming from a place of lack – where more is never enough? Something to ponder for sure when you’re tuning into your goals and intentions.


It got me thinking a little more on the external goals we’re wanting to create. If we agree that happiness is an inside job and our external reality is a reflection of our internal state – meaning if we’re happy, we will create (and see) more in our lives to be happy about, i.e. business results, good relationships, abundance, etc., then what if we can create the state we’re really going for now and not have to wait?


Let’s hash it out. What feelings are you trying to have more of by bringing your goals to fruition? If you want a more loving relationship, what feeling are you really wanting to have? If you want to be in a certain place in your business, what feeling are you trying to create more of? If you want less stress, what feeling are you wanting to have instead?


Remember we are a feeling universe, and it’s these feelings that will create more of what we’re wanting externally.


Find the feeling and change your life!


Then start to think about how you can create more of that feeling now. What action do you need to take to strengthen that feeling? What can you do now? Now add those to do’s to your calendar or they will never happen!


You can feel abundant, happy, and free, now! You don’t have to wait!


It might mean reorganizing your finances to give yourself the abundant feeling you’re looking for. Decide what it is for you and take action.


When you strengthen the feeling you will then start to create more of it externally, i.e. your goals will start coming true. You will start to see all of the solutions right there for you to make your goals happen. You will essentially become more resourceful.


BUT….you have to take the action.


This is where I see people falling short. You don’t need to worry about the “how”, that is the universe’s department. You do have to believe it’s possible though, and then be open and willing to the ideas and opportunities that present themselves as a result.


You then must take action.


Here’s the kicker though. It usually feels uncomfortable and it’s why people don’t do it. It might mean reaching out to someone about your business that you’ve been afraid to because of what they might think / say about you. It might mean tackling a relationship issue you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid deep down it might result in needing to make a change. OR it could feel exciting and magical – like being asked to be on t.v.! Still scary to some extent though 🙂


The point is that it usually involves an element of discomfort, and that’s because we are letting go of old beliefs and paradigms that have kept us where we were. Where we feel comfortable. Our goals involve a new empowered belief system, and getting there often involves letting go of old beliefs no longer serving us. This usually means shifting friendships, relationships, and even businesses because our lives have been set-up to support the old belief system. This does not feel good. An example is when you start standing-up for yourself and stop being at the beck and call of a friend who only reaches out to you when her husband is out of town. You realized you wee feeling resentful, and now you stand in your power and only connect when it works for you. You’ve made a shift, but the friend only sees that you’re not as available. These changes and growth can cause stress, but are empowering in the long run. PLUS you have more to give to that friend when you are with her because you’re no longer bringing the resentment into the equation.


The issue is most people don’t want to deal with the uncomfortableness that gets them to the other side. They stop. Talk themselves out of a great idea, tough conversation, etc. and don’t take the next step. The lesson will continue to show-up especially as you continue to affirm the goals you’re really wanting.


Keep saying yes. Tackle these issues. There is strength in them. Say yes to the opportunities that are uncomfortable but exciting – like reaching out to that potential client you’ve been afraid to approach or speaking on that stage. You can do it. You are safe and you are loved.


You’ve got this.