I had an amazing time hosting the money makeover event in Marina Del Rey yesterday! We were in the perfect setting for clearing out success blocks and creating abundance – with the ocean breeze blowing in and the fireplace burning! It was awesome to see and witness the break throughs that were had 🙂 I truly love this work and am so grateful to be able to facilitate it 🙂

I’m reminded of how easy things can happen when you feel good. I love hearing a great song on the radio. The one by Robin Thicke who would have thought? – really gets me groovin’. My new thing is to have a little dance party before starting work. Great for getting you in the zone for creating amazing things!!

Read on to learn how you can literally dance your way to success!

I remember thinking while I was dancing not too long ago, that I really need to do it more often. You know what I mean, right ladies? I had been too serious lately and really needed a dose of fun back into my life. It was super liberating knowing no one could see me and I could pull out any move I wanted!

What happened as a result that day was mind blowing. I was in such a GREAT mood that everything I touched was magic! From great calls with clients to money flowing in from unexpected places – to serving people on a deeper level – to booking not 1 but 6 speaking engagements!

I’m not sure what it’s going to take, but if you’re not a believer in raising your vibration to achieve greatness, then it’s time to get on board. FAST.

When we operate at a higher frequency (vibration), we bring to us opportunities that match that vibration – people/events/situations/opportunities with a high vibration that match ours. If we are wildly happy from dancing our buns off, we will attract more to be wildly happy about. The other great thing is that when we’re in this state, we actually NOTICE these awesome opportunities.

The reality is that these opportunities are always around and ready for us – we just don’t see them. The opportunity to book 6 speaking engagements had literally been sitting in my inbox for 2 and half months. I’m not kidding. Maybe it wasn’t the right time or maybe I wasn’t in the right place to accept them, I’ll never know for sure. BUT what I can tell you is I noticed them on my dancing day along with a whole lot of other things.

What can you do to raise your vibration consistently? Is it listening to a certain song, reading a book or even taking 10 to do a meditation? What is it for you? It may be a variety of things. The point here is to just do them. Don’t judge yourself or worry if someone sees you. I really hope I started a ripple effect with my awesome car dancing 🙂

I think the issue is that too often we “think” we have to work a certain way or get a certain amount done. We’re very busy being busy. What if taking the time to do what makes you feel good could actually shortcut your success? Like enable you to see something that has been in front of your nose for 2 and half months waiting for you to see it? How different and awesome would your life be?