A theme coming up this week for clients…


Everything you are doing is enough right now…

That constant never-enoughness, never-doing-enoughness, is the work of the ego.

That part of ourselves that wants us to question everything we’re doing… whether it be growing your business or parenting your kids.

It will always show us what is lacking.

That there is always MORE we can be doing.

Well of course we can always be doing more…

But at what cost?

And even worse, who are we BE-in in the process?

A stressed out, overwhelmed version that is constantly trying to out run that hamster wheel?

Well that’s just it.

You will always be running, chasing…

Chasing that feeling of good enough.

But you already are πŸ™Œ

You get to decide that you’re enough regardless of how you’re spending your time…

AND when you finally feel like you are… it’s amazing what starts showing-up on the outside…

Inspired ideas come together….

Clients show-up…

You step into that FLOW that’s already there for you…

Where solutions are abundant…

And it doesn’t take more time!

In fact, when your mind is in sync with the universe, it actually takes less time.

BECAUSE you’re in ALIGNMENT energetically.

So check-in, where can you cut yourself a break?

What area of your life or business have you taken the ego’s bait?

What do you need to believe instead?

Let’s shift that energy you’re putting out πŸ’›

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Chris xox

P.S. We introduce you to Mr. Righteous Wrath in our latest podcast episode – who the heck is THAT?! Tune in for some fun insights during your walk this weekend πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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