It still amazes me how a thought can easily turn into truth in our external world.


I’ve been watching the show Billions – anyone else?! – and I just love the Wendy Rodes character 🙂 It got me thinking about how I could make a bigger difference in organizations and the thought of speaking for HR professionals came up. Within two days my agent reached out about me speaking for an HR group where they had requested me specifically. Hmm…Thoughts definitely become Things…keep putting your dreams out there!!! And follow those thoughts! You’re having them for a reason! Today I share some tips below on how to bring those thoughts into form 🙂



Here are some tips for you on creating what your heart desires; whether it’s the new car, house on the beach or a meaningful and profitable business.


Step 1. Make the decision to go for it.


This step is really more about permission. Giving yourself permission to go for your biggest dreams; as big, wild and crazy as they might seem! Once you decide, you will be amazed at what shows-up to help you make it happen…if you let it!


Step 2. Let it!!!


You must have complete faith that the universe is showing you an amazing way to make all of your dreams come true. Size of the desire doesn’t matter to the universe. It has your back. Always. Think of a time when you made something amazing happen. That was You taking action on the divine downloads that were given to you. You just likely weren’t aware of it. Draw on that experience when you’re practicing standing in faith, until you have more and more experiences to draw from. That will reinforce this new belief, and you will start reprogramming your subconscious mind with empowered beliefs as a result.


Step 3. You must feel worthy and good about yourself.


This is this biggest one and where most people get tripped up. Myself included. You can overcome this though. It takes hard work and dedication, but you will prevail if you stick with it. Dig out that core belief preventing you from allowing yourself to receive. Once you do, you will become aware of it, and can start catching and shifting it. I can give you the tools for this and just reach out.


Step 4. Visualize!


You may have more of a vision, where it just comes to you, or you may visualize what you want. Either way this is powerful stuff! If you think it you can achieve it! Take some time daily to picture what it feels like to already have what you want. The feelings are the most important, and the more specific you are, the more connected to your feelings you will be. What will you do once you’ve achieved ______? Who will you be with? How will your life and relationships be different? How will you feel? What does this mean to you?




If that wasn’t big enough, I’ll say it again! PERSEVERE. This is where the magic is. You must not fall victim to your current circumstances and instead believe with all of your might that the way to make it happen is there. You must keep taking action every step of the way and keep moving forward. This is the key to unlocking your success. Where all of you dreams will come true. It works. All the time.