What an amazing week! I brought my daughter Ella (7 yrs old), to a volunteer meeting for Youth Success week and it was just so meaningful to see her taking it all in! I also met with beautiful new clients, finished up a 60-day sales challenge for such an inspiring group, and supported existing clients who are just rocking it!! YAY!! I also gave out plenty of time outs to my 10-year old son who developed a bit of an attitude this week – like the law of polarity suggests – everything has an opposite. For every high there’s a low, for every up there’s down – and what’s great for business owners – for every problem lies a solution 😉 This thing called life is a work in progress right??!!


I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject of control v. creation lately. Specifically, around letting go of control BUT still also creating the life we want. What are we letting go of control over exactly AND what are we actively creating and therefore trying to control???!!! Interesting right? I explain my take on this in this weeks article below.


Have a wonderful weekend! We’re headed to the “Beach Bash” tonight, with friends, teachers and parents in the community, for our annual fundraiser for the arts and technology programs our kids have the privilege of enjoying. Dancing, food and fun, and it’s all for the kids of course – wink, wink 😉


Control v. Creating – when to do what?


First and foremost, I call bull shit on the idea that we’re not in control of anything and we just need to surrender and let life happen. Initially that is…allow me to elaborate…


We are active participants in the life we are creating because we have free will. Meaning we have the choice to do anything we do or don’t want to do. The universe (Source, Creator, God), can show us our next steps but we decide if we’re going to take action on them and bring them to fruition. The universe also responds to how we feel. If we feel good – we will see more to feel good about. If we feel bad – we will see more to feel bad about. We’re controlling how we see the world.


Before you panic – this doesn’t mean it’s not okay to ever have a bad day or go through something heavy in life. That is going to happen, it’s life, but it’s all in how you approach it that determines the energy you’re sending out as a result. If you allow yourself to feel the emotions you are feeling, you are actually sending out a powerful energy of worthiness, self-love and peace. If you resist it, those unprocessed feelings will turn into something heavy and fester deep down beneath the surface. This is why I help so many adults to go back in time to deal with heavier things they didn’t deal with growing-up. It’s effecting what they’re putting out. And of course I have my own journey around this too 😉 Dealing with our feelings is a relatively new thing right?!


Back to creation, so if we are active participants in creating our own lives, we have the choice to choose what it is we want. Do we want to create a life based in love or fear? We get to decide. You can choose to be skeptical and question everything (fear), or you can choose to start trusting and connecting more (love). The universe will support you either way 😉 Because again, it’s about the feelings you are putting out that will dictate what you will get back.


In terms of control, letting go is VITAL. Letting go of the HOW things are going to show-up and in what way. Most people are so worried about how something is going to happen that they stop it from ever happening, because they’re putting out fear around it, and therefore getting back more fear in return. Letting go refers to surrendering the how, and to stop controlling how it will all show-up. It’s about letting go of trying to control others and our environments to get what we want. It’s essentially about letting go of trying to control the flow. The universal flow that is there for all of us, all of the time, ready and willing to guide us. Showing us our next steps for a plan much bigger then we ever could have created for ourselves.


An example – an intension could be to help more people on the planet while operating a thriving business. The universe will put together a plan for you to do so on such bigger level then you ever could have imagined BUT you have to keep saying yes to each next step. You have to let go of controlling how it’s going to happen. You have to trust everything you’re being shown is part of the bigger plan. Some of these lessons and gnarly and tough, but still part of the bigger whole nonetheless. You also have to feel good enough to receive each next step. You have to move through your own fear and continue to take this inspired action. You have to let go of trying to control others and that you know the best way to make it happen. Because you don’t. You have to let go of trying to do everything yourself. That comes from fear again and part of the ego’s plan to keep you alone, speared and stuck.


NOTE you have to create the intention first (creation), to begin with and say yes (more creation), throughout the process. You do have to ask for more love, joy, peace and abundance initially and continuously. You have to ask first and be willing to be a co-creator second, in that you continue to show-up, say yes and be an active participant in your own life.


From there you can let go and let it flow though you, and have fun being guided (which shows up as ideas, thoughts and opportunities). Refreshing right??!!


Amen friends and have an inspired weekend xo