Ahhh… soooo sorry! I just logged in to write this week’s newsletter and see this one was saved as a draft by mistake! Here is last Saturdays newsletter and I’ll meet you back here this coming Saturday!


Remember that old MC Hammer song? Can’t touch this… 🎵

In our podcast this week, we talk about how it’s actually guilt that keeps us spinning in life…

Spinning in terms of taking the ego’s bait in telling us we aren’t good enough and needing to compensate in some way.

It keeps us spinning, second-guessing, and essentially buying into stories that aren’t true.

Usually around righteousness and not good enough.

When we feel attacked, we are actually just seeing the past.

But what if the past can’t touch you?

You can choose to be released from any conflict as fast as you can change your mind.

It’s up to you.

And how freeing would that be in your decision-making and how you’re seeing the world?

This will have a direct impact on the results you’re creating.

Grab a tea and tune in here or take us with you on your walk this weekend ❤️

I am excited to be in Mexico for a friend’s 50th birthday! Having fun in the sun with friends is where you’ll find me…

Have a great weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox