By David Neagle:

A mentor of mine said to me years ago: “The subconscious is insidious as hell.”

I have to say that after years of studying the subconscious mind and working with thousands of students world wide, I am in complete and total agreement.

Our subconscious mind has one goal and one goal only: To keep whatever it has been programmed to believe – its belief system – in tact and protected.

Just think of all the information that comes to you each and every day. Millions of pieces of information are within your awareness all the time and yet your magnificent mind filters out most of it and only allows into your consciousness what IT thinks best supports its own pre-programmed picture.

As a small child, I often wondered why life seemed so difficult for so many people. It was a question that rolled around in my mind until I began to study as an adult, and what I learned was shocking to me!

Our subconscious is so strong at convincing us that we are RIGHT about
what we BELIEVE, that we are willing to literally DIE in order to protect
those beliefs.

You see, very few people ever think critically enough to really understand what is going on, and what’s worse is that our subconscious continually creates our world around us in a way that supports and strengthens our pre-programmed belief system.

But often that belief system is entirely false; and therefore, we experience great amounts of pain in our bodies, our relationships, and in our businesses. For instance, because in business people don’t understand what is driving their decision-making process, businesses fail left and right. Why? Because business owners are basing their decision on false beliefs which insist that making money is hard!

And how about relationships? Why do marriages crumble all the time? Where did the love go… and was it even there to begin with, or did these two people base their decision to marry upon a false belief system? As soon one person in the marriage begins to grow or act in a way that challenges their partner’s belief system, the subconscious of the partner will insist that the growing person is wrong because they’re “breaking the rules”. Resentment and hurt feelings build, creating a mask over the love, distorting the relationship. Without a conscious practice of open communication, forgiveness and release, the marriage is doomed. We think we enter into relationships consciously, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Business and relationships are very similar in that we often get into them for the good feelings and aspirations we have around them, but through a series of painful experiences, a mask of bad feelings and disappointment forms. Of course business owners want to be profitable, and many believe that the service or product they’re providing through their business is the fulfillment of their life’s purpose, and yet after even a short time of difficulty they want to give up… because in order to succeed they would need to change their belief system.

What most often prevents us from being willing to up-level our belief system?


Ask yourself: What am I angry about? The answer is your greatest opportunity for learning and growth.

In truth, nothing “makes you angry”. Anger is simply the way you react to protect your subconscious mind from changing. It’s a defense. And usually, your anger serves to protect a false belief that is keeping you imprisoned in a false reality. Therefore, when you see an angry person, what you’re actually seeing is a person who is secretly afraid. They are so scared inside that they MUST make whatever is threatening a change in their belief system wrong. They lash out… never realizing that their reaction has nothing to do with anybody or anything other than their own subconscious, and very often this anger will completely ruin a relationship or a business.

If we would only study how our minds work, not only would we be more successful, but we’d be happier, healthier, more loving people, creating a more magnificent world.

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