Most of you know I have been on a HUGE self-discovery path over the last couple of years. As I have learned more about myself what makes me feel good, I have incorporated several activities into my day-to-day routine that help me feel grounded and at peace. These activities include: walking Roxy in nature, meditating, using affirmations and reading. These activities have helped me feel more relaxed and creative. I am more calm, and instead of reacting to life I create my own experiences and have learned to embrace life with open arms.

However, this is all wonderful, but what happens when something we perceive as being negative shows up in our lives? For those of you who have been going down the self-development path like me, you have probably realized that when faced with something overwhelming, we tend to revert back to our old coping mechanisms. For me, this looks like being defensive, taking things personally and snapping at the people closest to me. AND when this happens, the first things to go are all of the “activities” that make me feel better! So it gets worse from there and becomes a vicious circle…

I have found though, the more aware of this I am, the more quickly I can recognize what is going on and get back to into doing what makes me feel good. When I do what makes me feel good, I put myself back into that feeling grateful place and whatever seems to have been so bad, is suddenly no longer that bad at all. This takes practice, and the more and more you do it, the easier it will be to catch yourself.

If all of this “feel good” stuff is new to you, start including activities you love into your daily routine. It will be easier to keep up with them later on when you are feeling off if they have been a part of your routine for awhile.

What can you start incorporating into your daily routine right away? Keep in mind this is a work in progress and only you will know what activities will work and how many. Start with one this week and add in another in 2-4 weeks. If you are feeling more relaxed then you are on track.

If you find yourself feeling down & out for whatever reason, commit to sticking with one of these activities that makes you feel good. While you’re doing that one activity, start to think about 5 things you are thankful for. You will notice your mood increase dramatically, and whatever you were worrying about suddenly won’t seem like such a big deal anymore. I did this earlier this week while I was walking Roxy. I was thankful for small things like the nice weather, having such a nice park nearby where I can walk her off her leash, the healthy baby that’s on it’s way and even the latte I was going to treat myself to afterwards! AND guess what? I was no longer feeling sorry for myself and I’m back to enjoying each day as it comes 🙂