I really thought I had outdone myself with this breakfast item for the kids, but was told right away that meat and cheese are not for breakfast. Anything outside of it feels off and not right. I tried explaining that in Europe they eat toms of cheese and meats for breakfast, AND all of the really nice buffets also have meat and cheese platters as they have experienced. Still nothing. Hmm…even as kids we fall into our comfort zones. It’s easy to fall into routines and ideas that feel safe and don’t threaten our security. Interesting that something as insignificant as breakfast sheds some light into what is happening in my own kids subconscious minds. We want to stay safe. Change is not safe. But if you’re not growing then you’re dying, as I’ve heard. So it’s actually a trap – the subconscious thinks were safe where comfortable, but we’re actually not. Growth involves trying new things, stretching ourselves out of comfort zones. Because that’s what we want right? To really experience life on a bigger level then what we’re currently doing. If we want a new lifestyle and to be continuously growing, we have to put ourselves put there and try new things. Otherwise we won’t experience it at all.


This week I want to chat a little about how you’re approaching sales and life in general. Have people actually asked for your help or are you dishing out all kinds of advice to people that wasn’t requested? Let’s check-in below.


So Chris….are people asking for your help?


No one wants to come across as being salesy right? That’s because we’ve all had one of those experiences where someone is just trying to make a sale and not really caring about our best interests. It feels icky and we can’t wait to get away from them as fast as possible. Well, being one of those people who is offering their advice or pushing their product on everyone is doing just that.


An example, if I post something on facebook about getting off track on my fitness goals and someone comments offering me their product or service (this did not happen by the way, but it is a good example), then you are stepping in when that person did not ask for your help. It’s the same as speaking in public and then someone coming up and giving you all kinds of advice from fashion to diet (that did happen to a colleague of mine). This feels icky and salesy, and almost desperate.


This is where we need to check ourselves. What is going on deep inside us where we feel the need to fix the people around us? It’s usually to make ourselves feel better and not even about a sale at that point.


Notice where you’re doing this in your personal life too. So often we want to jump in and try to fix something for somebody else. It’s actually because it makes us feel uncomfortable to sit in the pain with them. BUT sometimes and most times, people just want to be heard and have a listening ear. This is often a lot more healing then offering a solution anyway. It’s more empowering for the other person to come up with their own solution too. So asking questions and taking a “coach approach” as I call it is much more effective.


Start to think about how you can reach out to people from a completely loving and service oriented place. Where you’re showing that you are truly wanting to help them. OR better yet, how can you attract them to you? What marketing and language can you use so that people start contacting you?


That is the best place to be in by far 🙂