Remember last week when I said we were doing something crazy?! Well here he is!

Introducing Gordon Downie Junior! Aka Gordie 😍

The only way my husband agreed to our shenanigans was if he could name him! In keeping with our other dog’s name, Grace Too, we have a Tragically Hip themed duo – our favourite band from home 🇨🇦

Well crazy for us is adding a second dog… but he’s honestly been such a lover!

Speaking of adding to our lives… what to do when you say a big inspired yes to a new project(s), but then find yourself in a little bit of overwhelm?


In our podcast this week we share how accounting for the ebbs and flows in our energy and level of inspiration may be helpful in pacing ourselves long-term.

Although we would love to live in a constant state of inspiration, we must make sure to give ourselves the compassion and acceptance no matter how we show up.

And let’s face it, it’s not always pretty, but we can always have compassion, and that in and of itself creates a powerful shift ❤️

I hope you have an amazing weekend! It was my birthday yesterday – the big 4-5! – and I was showered with lots of love, champagne, and good wishes! 🥂

I am thankful for such great friends, family, and an amazing community 💛

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox