This week amazing things have been flowing for me and I am so thankful. I am reminded over and over again of the power of the law of attraction. It’s always working and you will always get what you intend. Here’s the thing. I keep forgetting how easy it is to apply. It’s easy to make it a lot harder then it actually is. I hope today’s tips will help you simplify it so you can start using it to get the results you want in your business.

“Build Your Business with Intention”

Set your intention. Decide what it is exactly that you want and then get as specific as possible. If you want to increase your revenue, make it very simple in terms of what you want. For example, $2000.00 more a month, or 3 new clients, etc. From there choose a time line, i.e. 3 new clients by the end of March, 2012. This helps you set the goal AND be very focused on achieving it, thus making it more likely to actually happen. Another helpful tip, is if you are choosing new clients as your intention, make sure you add in your ideal clients who will pay your full rate. You can craft your ideal client as a separate exercise.

Believe no matter what. This is the hidden catch. If you don’t believe you will get that amount of new clients then you won’t. This step is crucial. Make sure you’re choosing something that is realistic. You should be excited about it and it should be moving you forward, but if you’re already telling yourself it won’t happen right after you set the intention, then it won’t happen. Take small baby steps if you need to at first. You can set bigger intentions as you go and after proving to yourself that this stuff actually works!

Visualize daily. Take a few minutes every day to visualize what it will feel like to have these new clients. How will it change your life? What type of freedom will it give you? The key here is to really invoke what it feels like to have those clients. Get as specific as you need to in your visualizations to help with this. Try to activate all 5 senses, i.e. what it feels, smells, looks, sounds and tastes like. For example, 3 more clients a week may give you the means to do something special with your child. That could be going to the beach and having an iced cream. You can see in this example how it is possible to invoke all five of the senses. You will be amazed at how good you feel after spending time visualizing. You will look forward to every day.

Accept & Take action. By accept, I mean notice all of the opportunities around you. Accept the guidance the universe is giving you. A lot of people stay stuck because they don’t notice and take action on the ideas, opportunities, circumstances and connections that are shown to them. Notice repetitive ideas and other things that appear to be “coincidences”. There really aren’t any coincidences. Take action and move forward. You will be one step closer to achieving your goal 🙂