This week I have been in survival mode with it being the first week the kids have been out of school. For those of you parents out there, please allow yourself to keep things easy for yourself! It’s definitely an adjustment getting used to new routines. Combine that with a traveling husband and I’m just happy to have survived! Here is a pic of one of my little munchkins at swim class earlier this week 🙂

Boost Your Business Today!

I’m reminded this week of just how important clearing out the clutter in your mind and physical surroundings, for the growth of your business and overall peace of mind. By doing this, you will have so much more time to put towards doing what you want. Think about it this way for a second. Most of you have probably had a cluttered desk every now and then – sadly I think it’s inevitable. Think of how much this ways on your mind. Every time you go to sit down to work, it’s hard to even organize your thoughts when all you can see is an overwhelming pile of stuff! This can even carry over to when you’re just thinking about sitting down to work – thoughts of that discouraging mess can spin you into a tailspin of procrastination.

Think about how this type of clutter may be showing up in all areas of your life. It could be in the form of needing to schedule your annual physical to dealing with a friend that you’ve had a disagreement with. The reality is that these things weigh heavily on our minds, and take-up much needed time and energy. The more clutter-free our lives, the more energy we have to put into our businesses and overall enjoyment of life. Of course we’re always going to have things to deal with, but it’s helpful to recognize what needs to be done and start taking action daily until they’re dealt with. One small step a day will make all of the difference.

Here are some steps you can take to identify and deal with your clutter.

  1. Make a list of everything that you are putting-up with in your life right now, i.e. a messy office, poor relationship, disorganized work schedule, etc.
  2. Make a plan for when you can start tackling each item. For example, maybe you will hire an organizer to deal with that unruly garage. Assigning a date in your calendar to call the organizer is the first step. Actually doing it on the day it comes up on your calendar would be the next. The last would be entering the date the organizer is going to attend your house. Voila, you have tackled one major energy drain pretty easily.
  3. Decide how many of these items you will tackle each week. It can be overwhelming to try to deal with everything all at once. Try choosing items that by eliminating one will either make you feel a lot better or will eliminate other problems at the same time. For example, making a decision on what to do with my increasingly slow computer will change my workday massively in many ways.

By tackling these items you will have a significant boost in your energy and time, which leads to the ability to focus on your business more. An increase in focus = more revenue! Yay!