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This time of year is extra busy with getting kids back to school and with even starting new projects…

There’s just something about September for me…it ignites a fresh new energy, where I’m inspired to create new things!

But…like other times when we have more on the go than usual…we have to force ourselves to slow down.

To reassess what we want to take on. How we want to spend our time.

And to allow ourselves to just be. In order to gain this clarity.

I’m reminded again, that extra busy equals the need for extra self-care.

The usual morning routine just doesn’t cut it.

And like always, when we do this, we return to our calm, grounded, co-creating magnets of abundance and love that we truly are.

Life (and biz) are better from this place 💜

I’m spending time with family this weekend at our place in Tahoe…I can’t believe we haven’t been here since last summer!

I just love being here and in this type of nature…ahhh

I’ll be thinking of you over coffee this morning ☕️

Let’s drink this one hot!

I got hacked!

Yep, my instagram account got hacked last week…thank-you to everyone who reached out to let me know ❤️

The funny thing it was actually a nice break to not have to think about managing it, and that is with an assistant who helps!

I often think, as coaches, how did we become social content creators? I love the connection it provides with other people, and it can definitely be a great business tool, but I don’t love the pressure of having to create “great” content. And this is why I leverage the other things I’m already doing that I love to do as much as possible…

But back to the hack…which was all my fault.

I got a text through “instagram” months ago saying I qualified for their blue tick verification…you know when people have a check mark next to their profile photo? That means they have been verified…this was reserved for people in the range of 100k+ followers in the past and mostly celebrities.

It came in through the way texts usually do through instagram, when they send you a verification code, etc. So I thought it was legit.

But then it seemed odd when they asked me to turn off my two-factor authentication. Warning bells went off and I thought it was a hacker. When I asked about it, it wasn’t really addressed and so I decided to leave it.

The blue tick thingy sounded like a good idea though, and so I applied officially through instagram. A couple of months passed by and then the same thing above happened again and so I thought, “oh maybe this is legit since I had actually applied this time”, and I proceeded to turn off the two-factor authentication.

I talked myself into it when I knew it wasn’t right deep down because it “logically” made sense.

Within minutes, I was kicked out of my account, my password and email both changed.

And the hack began.

Thankfully instagram has back up measures – they emailed to make sure it was me – and then my amazing assistant figured out how to have them send a code to my WhatsApp account.

All the while the hackers, were texting and also whatsapping me pretending to be Instagram and asking for the code!

So sneaky!

I’m sharing this because; when we don’t trust our gut instincts it always comes back to bite us in the butt and for two other reason…

My biggest concern was that a client had left confidential voice notes in my DM’s. She was sharing vulnerable insights she had gained while going through my course that went back to childhood. Highly personal and confidential.

Thankfully the hackers seemed more concerned about using my account to direct people to their sales funnel.

It’s a good check-in for all of us…where and how are we sharing our confidential information? We might fully trust the person we’re sharing with, but what if something happens to their account? Or what if they aren’t so trustworthy and share it with someone else? We’re always telling our kids that even when their messages and photos can disappear on certain apps like snapchat, someone can screen shot whatever it is thus making it permanent.

The same applies to us. Make sure whatever you’re sharing you’re okay with it becoming public. Or find a different way to share that you can trust.

This also brings up the awareness of assets. Our social media accounts can go down at anytime and we may not be able to recover them. This is why having a database is going to be your biggest asset in your business. Make sure to be building that in conjunction with social. Plus you’ll likely find that the people joining your database are the people who are the most interested in the teachings and sharings your business provides. They have taken additional action to opt-in, making them already more qualified as someone who is interested and can benefit from your products and services.

this one thing will help you attract more of what you want ❤️

Ahhh…this is me after my SECOND walk of the day! What the?!

It was heavenly.

The first walk I treated myself to a walk on the beach, with NO dogs, NO phone, and NO ONE else.

Can you tell I needed a little alone time?!

I love my walks with my dogs and that’s what my second walk was…

But…sometimes we need a complete break. As Mom’s we tend to take a lot on, and sadly our own needs get put on the back burner.

And sometimes we just need a complete break from all people and all things.

But the interesting thing is I love walks in nature, but I don’t allow myself to go alone very often.

We have two Australian Shepards who need a lot of exercise, and it’s taken years to allow myself to fit a long walk into the schedule, nevermind two in one day!

This was earlier this week, and I even ended up having a third that day. Unheard of. My husband and I took the dogs on the local trail later that night, and what I loved about this was it was a great way to catch-up on the day while giving ourselves and the dogs a little exercise.

But back to my beach walk…

Of course the most magical thing happened…as I felt more calm and grounded…the ideas starting pouring in.

Next steps for my rental property business, new ideas for my coaching business, and solutions to some personal issues.

And I was reminded yet again, this is why self-care makes such a big difference.

We become calm, grounded, and then…empowered.

We make decisions from this place.

And this is directly connected to the results we create.

We still have to take inspired action, but that’s just it.

We’re much more inspired to take the action!

Because we’re excited and have the energy to do so!

So what can you do that you love, that’s just for you?

Go on and schedule it!


just bc people don’t share their struggles on social media…

I had the best time at my book signing last weekend at our local spiritual shop, Neiki, in town. Since writing my book I have had the pleasure of getting to know the store owner and I am just so grateful our paths have crossed. Having support and love from other business owners is so powerful. Especially when we run our own businesses and don’t have the typical support we would in a corporate setting.

Speaking of other female business owners, a friend of mine who runs her own business let me know she really resonated with something I posted on social media the other day and I’ve been thinking more about it…

Just because people don’t share their struggles on social media doesn’t mean they don’t have any struggles to share.

I think what happens is that we lose sight of the fact that we are all STRUGGLING.

Struggling with something. Whether it’s not knowing where your next client is coming from, a health issue, looking after elderly parents, juggling work and kids, or parenting teenagers (🙋🏻‍♀️ that’s my current struggle, er I mean lesson).

We ALL have something we’re going through regardless of how much personal development work we’re doing.

But I do find the more work we do work on ourselves, meaning identifying our own wounds and triggers, we do become more aware and can let things go more easily.

So when things do pop-up, because there is no shortage of problems and they will continue to arise, we can zoom out ~ you can literally close your eyes and zoom high above the situation at hand and look down on it ~ which will help you have a shift in perspective. Because as we work on ourselves, this is ultimately what we’re doing.

Having a shift in perspective.

From fear to love, which is the ultimate miracle 💙

Where we’re able to see the situation (and ourselves) with clarity. This state of being equates to a loving, calm and grounded energy.

Which leads to compassion, and seeing the solutions there for us. We are more resourceful and more loving.

Truly a winning combination.

So remember this next time you think someone has it all on social media. And remember you also don’t have to share your struggles unless you want to.

I typically share after I moved through something, with the intention that maybe the lesson I’ve learned might help someone else.

You might be different. Maybe having extra support while you’re going through something is helpful. While other times, maybe you need to go inward and take a social media break.

But please, just because you are a coach, teacher, business owner, etc., it does not mean you have to be perfect and have it together all of the time. That is just an unhealthy expectation that is setting you up to not feel good about yourself when stuff happens.

Whatever your fancy, cut yourself a break. You are amazing whatever you are currently going through 💜

what I realized at the picadilly circus 🤡

As entrepreneurs sometimes we can hold on to wanting something so badly, that we don’t realize we’re actually pushing it away…

We definitely want to get clear on what we want, and put it out there by asking for it, but when we hold on to trying to make it happen so tightly, we are essentially saying we don’t trust it will actually happen.

We try to control the “how” and the “when” it will happen.

Which is essentially FEAR.

And what we put out comes back, so it’s no wonder we start to see more fear or lack-based results in our businesses, aka lack thereof.

It can also show up in other areas of our lives. For example, more circumstances in our relationships that cause stress can start “appearing”. An appliance can break down, causing further financial stress. The list goes on…

So how can we shift this energy?

Well, we need to start strengthening our belief in something bigger. A universe that is there to guide us and show us every next step.

And when we step into this place, we have shifted our energy and are putting out trust, faith, and essentially love instead.

And we get more back of just that, like empowered results.

I can’t tell you how many things showed-up while I was just was traveling…it’s one of my favourite ways to practice this stuff…

From amazing seats on the plane, to angel feathers, to getting prime tables at restaurants, to miraculously getting ahead in lines, SO many things!

And while all of that is amazing…what was the most impactful was realizing we’re never alone.

Before meeting up with my daughter and the family she was traveling with, I roamed around London on my own.

My first full day I felt really alone. It triggered this sadness inside of me and this anxiousness I hadn’t felt for a long time. I immediately started counting down the things to do I had planned and hours left. in order to appease these feelings.


What I realized in that moment, is this is how I used to feel when I was little. Alone and sad.

I spent a lot of time on my own with being an only child and it was lonely at both parents homes (they divorced when I was little). It had nothing to do with either parent, and honestly it might not have mattered if I had a sibling. But I can see now how my OCD took form.

I felt alone so I started trying to control that feeling by counting. The deeper fear of being alone being dying essentially.

And I’ve always said my spiritual journey helped “cure” my OCD. Well really what was going on was I started believing we are all more than what we see physically and my core fears started to subside (not that they’re gone fully, but have subsided immensely).

And so on that full day in London, I started seeing signs. Signs all around me. I started worrying and then looked up and saw an angel statue. I was walking around Piccadilly Circus and saw the word Matilda. Something very personal that reminds me of my Dad. Then the most amazing musician was playing live music in the square, and out of the 4 songs I listened to, one was a song that reminded me immensely of my Dad and our time together when I was little, and another of my husband’s Mom that we danced to many times during our cottage dance parties! I knew they were both with me and felt the tingles all over. I then went on to see angel feathers (what I call feathers) in the most random places ❤️

And what I realized in that moment, is that even when we are physically alone, we are never actually alone. I felt so much love + support that day, and I ended up having the most amazing time!

If only we could all know this, how different would we all show-up in the world?

So how do we start trusting in something bigger than ourselves?

We start letting go slowly and repetitively, and we will start seeing not only that we are safe, but that this is where that magical flow resides 💫

Where solutions are abundant.

Wishing you so much love + peace, and I look forward to reconnecting with you this week inside of our facebook group, on all things being intentional in creating our goals and dreams.

Ever struggle with being perfect? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hiya! I am coming to you from Italy this week! A trip that has been planned for a while 🙂

My daughter was invited to go with a family to London, Scotland, Italy and France. Her dream has always been to go to Paris, and I’ve never been, so naturally I was like, “I’ll meet you in Paris!”

I was so excited to meet up with her and here’s a picture of me arriving in Venice, this is one of my favorite places on Earth and I was so excited to come back!

Speaking of travel, work, life & kids…

How many of us are trying to juggle everything, and heaven forbid admit when we don’t do it perfectly?

What does doing it “perfectly” even mean?

Based on my many years of mindset work, it typically means we are looking for approval and acceptance outside of ourselves.

Looking for others to validate that we’re “good enough”.

Meaning there is no room for error because that opens us up to “not enough-ness.”

But if we feel good enough regardless of our imperfections, we don’t need that external validation.

AND we can even start sharing our f%ck ups with others.

We can be real.

We can be vulnerable.

Because this makes us human and relatable.

And at the end of the day, peace is always available to us, especially when we surrender to that divine guidance there for all of us, that always has our backs.

Regardless of what our ego wants to tell us about not being “perfect” enough.

We did a thing + my biggest manifesting lesson 🙌

After a year of working on this next home in Costa Rica, losing out on two others in the process, we finally closed on this property today and it’s absolute perfection! The builder thought of everything and we are so grateful 💛

This photo shows the exact vision I kept seeing when we were deciding whether or not to go for it…seeing myself sitting on the back deck with a coffee overlooking nature …

And what’s funny is when I was tuning into whether or not this was the right decision…I didn’t even know there was a back deck.

We found out afterward there was going to be this amazing deck.

And then later the builder had to move the entire house (easier there than in the US, but still a big undertaking), after realizing he did not adhere to the laws in place since part of the property is considered a nature reserve, with backing on to a river and green space.

And I was like, “but what about the deck?!”

And it all worked out to keep it, they just made it smaller but it’s still huge!

And so what is the difference between being guided and forcing what you want?

This to me has been the biggest lesson in manifesting…

Listening versus forcing.

So often we’re trying to force things we think we want to create. But we don’t always know what is truly in our best interest – is it an ego goal or loving creation 🤔

It helps to ask why we want what we do for sure, but we can talk ourselves into thinking we know because we’re trying to force something to happen. Knowing the difference in our own bodies is helpful too.

But the biggest one for me, is tuning in and asking to be shown what is best. I had a combination of this years ago when I wanted to move to California.

The desire to move to California was a dream I’ve had since I was 8 years old. So when the dream resurfaced years later, I knew in my heart I wanted to live here. This was a dream made out of love and co-creating. In hindsight even these thoughts and ideas are coming from something bigger than us that we’re all a part of and connected to.

But then something interesting happened and it was the same with this Costa Rica house. When I started visualizing what it would be like to be there, I started seeing more of a vision of it. It was nothing I had seen before or was trying to make happen. I saw myself and my family walking alongside massive cliffs on the beach in Southern California. I had never been to a part like that before that I was trying to envision. And that’s where we live now.

For the deck in Costa Rica, I didn’t know there was a deck and I kept seeing myself having coffee on it!

It’s the wildest thing…but we all have this. Whether it shows up as seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, etc.

It’s our intuition. It’s how the universe guides us.

Whether it’s through those initial ideas and thoughts, or visions along the way.

It’s about tuning in and trusting it.

Knowing it has our back.

And I don’t know about you, but I would way rather trust this divine all knowing, then the ego trying to talk me into stuff that might seem great but is not in my best interest at the end of the day.

So tune in, what is your intuition truly telling you?

And how do you know what is your intuitive guidance?

The best way to start recognizing it is to look at past examples.

When have you followed the guidance and it’s worked out? When you just “knew”.

Where did you feel it in your body?

What about visualizing?

When did you just have some type of a vision around something versus forcing it?

That is the guidance we can all trust.

And trust it to show-us every step of the way.

But we do all have an ego, that’s trying to throw us off a path of love, joy, and peace, that’s just one big distraction!

So we have to keep tuning in, and start strengthening making decisions that are in alignment with the guidance. and that’s why self-care is so powerful. It creates the space (and vibe) to do this.

I hope you are on track to creating your hearts desires.

And if not, or you would like a little help, did you know we have an amazing team of coaches over at Decisions-by-Design? Who are specialized in lots of different areas, but all certified in the deeper subconscious exercises and self-care for success mentality though my program.

We can pair you up, or you can choose who you resonate with! Fill out our quiz here and we always offer a complimentary connection call to see how we can help and make sure that we can.

Me and Steve Ferrone 🥁

I had the absolute pleasure of being on “The Hunt” earlier this week with Trish Hunt!

She interviewed me and Steve Ferroni, as in the drummer from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers! How cool is that?!

And I even got to jam with him!

Just kidding

What’s funny is my publicist (who’s in another state) is the one who connected us, and it turns out Trish and I live 7 minutes apart! How fun?!

This week I’m sharing a clip from the show 🙂 It really brought me back to how scary it was to leave my corporate job and start my business…

If you are just starting out or still plugging away and not quite where you want to be, DON’T GIVE UP!

You can do this! I talk a lot about the beliefs that hold us back as women in my new book. I hope you were able to take advantage of the digital sale! And what’s crazy is there was a glitch and it’s still on!

So go grab your copy now here as I’m sure it will get fixed soon!

And remember to submit your receipt# here and you will also get my “Self-care for Success” online course where you will have a shift right in the first lesson 💜

This book was written to help you. I’ve learned the way to manifest and what gets in the way as entrepreneurs…I continue to use these principals daily in my own life + business and want the same for you. Now is your chance to get it for $1.

the 💰 is in the follow-up…

I’m changing the “cash” is in the follow-up to the abundance is in the follow-up!

Inner joy, love and abundance, creates outer abundance…but it does involve taking inspired action!

My book is now in my favourite local book store, Soul Scape! I have been going there for years – I love getting gifts for people there and all things spiritual for myself ❤️

You just feel good in there! And so it’s a true dream come true…to have my books in this amazing place.

But this took both intention and inspired action.

I initially popped by the store and asked how they decide on the books they carry and found out who to contact 🙂

We then started the outreach, and myself along with my PR gal, had been following up for months! I alone sent several emails and did not hear anything.

I was about to give up but thought, I’m going to ask the next time I’m in there. I was told the owner is super busy and to keep trying.

And so I did. I sent more emails…

I was about to give up again but thought, I’m going to bring the owner a copy of the book so that she can get a feel for it and so I dropped one off.

I continued to send more emails to make sure she had received it.

After two more emails, I got a response!

And it was a yes 🎉

She would start with three copies!!!

I’ll take it and this was so exciting!

We have to be persistent in co-creating our dreams while staying open to the divine guidance.

The intention was set and I was envisioning my book there 💜

I started following the Guidance I was getting, like popping by the store. You will notice I almost gave up several times, but kept having more ideas. Thank-you intention (that’s the free will part) and thank-you Guidance (that’s the co-creation part). Thank-you to myself for not giving up (that’s the self-worth part along with the universal law of polarity).

I wanted to break this down because a lot of people miss the steps when they’re trying to manifest something and discount what is showing-up. It’s in the small steps, the quiet voice of the divine guidance that we must pay attention to. Because the next steps are always there, and we just need to see them and take that inspired action to bring them to fruition.

And what’s interesting is my PR gal NEVER heard back. This dream was up to me 💫

What’s also cool, is I almost dropped the books off the day I got the email, but decided to wait until the next day. I was going to go in the morning, but decided to wait until later on when I wasn’t as rushed. Low and behold the owner was THERE, who I’ve never met! It was awesome to meet her in-person to say thank-you and then she placed the books on the stand right away 💙 It was all so exciting and divinely led.

What are you wanting to manifest in your business & life right now? What are your next steps?

And I just love hearing that you are enjoying the book! This is why I created it, to get this info. out to more people and to make the subconscious exercises accessible 💛

“I have read hundreds of personal development books over the last 30 years, and yours is in my top 3!” Brenda G., Chiropractor

Wow! Thank-you Brenda!

AND a BIG Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians 🇨🇦

don’t let the pool go green 💚

I loved speaking on this topic for a group of toxicologists last week!

It doesn’t seem to matter what industry, we all have trouble with work / life balance and saying no!

And what I’ve learned about work / life balance, is that it is a MYTH!

It’s just another “perfectionist” trap and it’s much more about finding inner peace when stuff happens in our lives, because it always will.

And when I say inner peace, it doesn’t mean to look the other way and busy “love & light” stuff, it means to give ourselves permission to feel how we do, and it’s that permission that actually correlates to COMPASSION.

And compassion & love equals more inner peace 💙

It just happens this chapter is chapter two and we will be going over it in our “unofficial” book club this week!

There are no coincidences right?! Love it!

I hope to see you there and have an amazing weekend!

As I write this my son was just out back BBQ’g with a bunch of his baseball friends in-between their games, and this just fills my heart! I love seeing them all having fun together, and what’s super cool is they are all rivals during their regular high school season! I love their bond & connection ❤️

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