Unlearn Your Limits & Become Limitless

Slooow the heck dooown….

And yes I’m talking to myself too!

There is so much goodness in the slow…

It puts us in a state of receiving.

Which many of us women have a hard time with…

Receiving to me means accepting what the universe has to offer us…

Those next steps to our big dreams and goals, how to have more meaningful relationships, and most importantly strengthening our intuition.

When we take time to slow the heck down, we can receive this divine guidance that is there for all of us πŸ’›

We see those next steps and in essence become more resourceful.

Not to mention being a happier, more calm version of ourselves.

And everyone in our lives benefits from this version of ourselves… moms am I right?!

​In our podcast this week, we talk about the importance of slowing down in a world that seems to reward the fast and the furious.

Tune into to take stock of whether or not you’re giving yourself the quiet you need to maintain a miracle-ready life πŸ’«

Have an amazing weekend! We are doing something “crazy” this weekend, which I’ll share more about next week!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

What it’s really all about…

I had such a profound experience at the event I spoke at last week, that I couldn’t not chat about it on our latest podcast episode!

In keeping with creating miracles, I share the story of how I worked through my nerves – I had never emceed an event before 😳

And it really all came down to this…


Tune into our podcast this week to learn how I tuned in for guidance, what that guidance was, and how it absolutely not only helped me work through my nerves, but helped me to have the most heartfelt experience!

Our guidance never lies.

(Guidance being our intuition or gut instinct, which is our connection to something bigger than ourselves).

It was truly such a heart felt experience and made me see – it does not matter what profession we are in, or where we are at in our personal development journey….

We all have access to this.

Take us along on your walk or run this weekend, and we would also be forever grateful for your loving ratings & reviews ❀️

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

Is πŸ’° the root of all evil πŸ€”


I had the best time emceeing an event this week!

I truly had the most heartfelt experience and can’t wait to share more with you on next week’s podcast…

How I worked through my nerves and what happened as a result ❀️

Here I am all mic’d up and ready to go!

But back to money being the root of all evil… or is it?

What if money is just a a tool in the external world that we give far too much clout?

It isn’t good or bad, it just is.

And it’s all about what we do with it, and how we are making decisions around it.

Tune into our podcast this week where I share a doozy of a time I had recently, and how I worked through it…

PLUS the number one thing we ALL must when making decisions.

Empowered decisions = empowered results ⭐️

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

A little willingness…

… goes a long way!

Holy moly are we ever having a heat wave here in San Diego! You will find me doing a whole lot of this over the long weekend!

Go on, get out of your comfort zone, and have a little fun this weekend!

It’s amazing how a little willingness is all we need to to start creating the life we want.

Willing to try new things.

Willing to put ourselves out there.

Willing to take a little risk.

Because when we do this, we invite in a whole spiritual team to help us.

That universal guidance is here for all of us, but we have to be willing to ask for help.

Willing to ask for a different way of doing things.

Of seeing things.

And this is exactly what we talk about in our latest podcast episode.

It’s the story of how the course came to be.

Where the two most unlikely people, using the most unlikely method, allowed A Course in Miracles to come to fruition.

We share the story of how it all happened, and how this in itself is a lesson about what just a little willingness can do.

Little willingness creates Big impact.

Hopefully it inspires you to think about how you can do this in your own life + business.

Where might a little willingness lead to a big result for you?

Happy listening and have a great long weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

Ever struggle with being perfect? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I had a hiccup sending you my weekly note yesterday ❀️

I hope your weekend is going amazing and here you go!


How many of us are trying to juggle everything, and heaven forbid admit when we don’t do it perfectly?

What does doing it “perfectly” even mean?

Based on my many years of mindset work, it typically means we are looking for approval and acceptance outside of ourselves.

Looking for others to validate that we’re “good enough”.

Meaning there is no room for error because that opens us up to “not enough-ness.”

But if we feel good enough regardless of our imperfections, we don’t need that external validation.

AND we can even start sharing our f%ck ups with others.

We can be real.

We can be vulnerable.

Because this makes us human and relatable.

During our latest podcast episode we share how we were organized, and not so organized, for the first week of back to school for the kids. Vulnerable shares included πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

And at the end of the day, peace is always available to us, especially when we surrender to that divine guidance there for all of us, that always has our backs.

Regardless of what our ego wants to tell us about not being “perfect” enough.

Much Love & Happy Weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

Why I’ve been sending these every week for 15 years!

I received the nicest compliment the other day!

A family friend, who was also our lawyer when we lived in Canada – you know who you are!!! – has been reading my weekly newsletters since I started sending them 15 years ago!

This was when I stared out with about 10 people only on my email list, which has now grown to 8000+! A whole stadium full of people 😳

Thank-you all so much for allowing me to take up space in your hearts and minds ❀️

Every week she reads the article, and then passes them along to other people she thinks might benefit from them πŸ₯°

This truly warms my heart so much! Thank-you R. for your support πŸ™

And to all of you entrepreneurs, trying to get out weekly content, or who are doubting if it’s a good idea…

You just never know who is reading and who you might be impacting!

People want to hear from you.

They are interested in what you have to say and the way you say it.

Because no one can do it the way you do.

Use your voice and let yourself be heard!

And don’t be afraid to get vulnerable!

This friend, along with a few others, loved my share the other day abut my step-dad, and the fact that I shared that I had been struggling because they felt not as alone.

Yes, I too struggle, and sharing this makes me more relatable and down-to-earth, because at the end of the day we are all human!

No one wants to learn from the fitness trainer who won’t eat a burger.

Am I right?!

You’ve got this.

Go ahead an schedule the time to write that blog post or do that instagram live, because people are waiting to hear from you πŸ’›

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. Anyone else feeling sooo organized with the kids back in school? Dang I do love routines!

P.P.S. In our latest podcast episode we talk about the root of anger, according to A Course in Miracles, and how you can finally put down the weapon that you hold against yourself that is preventing you from experiencing more miracles!

Stop doing this one thing as a coach…

I didn’t love the advice I heard a coach giving the other day, even though I can see where she was coming from…

And so I created a video about why it’s soooo important to stay neutral as a coach and NOT make assumptions that we know what’s best for our clients!

PLUS you get a close up of my poison oak and swolleness 🀣 🌱

Have a beautiful weekend! It’s our last weekend before school starts! How is it that it’s starting earlier every year πŸ€”

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. In our latest podcast episode we talk about how psychedelics are making a mark in the healing world 😳 We dive deep A Course in Miracles style, and discuss the benefits of letting go of mental constructs πŸ’™

What I learned from my Step-Dad…

I hope you had a great week! I felt really off last week if I’m being honest 😒

I had finished writing my book, and at first I thought maybe I was just needed a little extra self-care time since I had put a lot of energy into this project.

But it wasn’t really tracking…

Because sure I always love a nice day off, but I had been practicing self-care the whole time, and so it didn’t feel like stress and overwhelm was the issue.

I also had zero motivation to do the things I usually love to do when I have a couple of free days – like heading to the beach, going for a massage, taking an extra long walk…

I wanted no part of that.

I was angry and hating the world, and wanted to be alone.

After two days of this, I was like, “universe, please help me shift this!”

And then I immediately had the idea to call my parents, my mom and step-dad.

It had been awhile since we had a nice long chat.

Well, during the conversation something interesting happened.

We somehow got into the issues Hockey Canada is having right now with sexual assault cases. Their funding has been stopped while investigations are being carried out.

It led to my step-dad sharing all of the work he’s a part of for the Ontario Curling Association on diversity & inclusion.

He is so passionate about learning and sharing right now, with even correcting his friends when they make inappropriate jokes.

And in his words…”I’m a red neck from Saskatchewan, and have so much to learn.”


What a shift!

And something happened during that call… his inspiration was palpable, and I started feeling it.

I then got inspired – not around anything in-particular – but his energy impacted me.

I got off the phone, and went on to do a workout, did stuff around the house, went for a long walk with the dog, and enjoyed a night out with my husband and friends celebrating the writing I had just completed!

It was a magical day πŸ’«

All because of inspiration and motivation.

What I realized in that moment, is that we have to have a bigger purpose. He is 75 and is so passionate about what he is doing.

Connecting to something we are excited about – whether it’s career oriented, advocating for a cause, or even good health – is everything.

Without it we have no motivation.

And not having motivation leads to depression-like feelings and maybe even depression itself.

That is how I felt those two days and couldn’t stand it any longer.

I realized I am my happiest when I’m creating.

Creating a book, real estate investing, or just keeping myself on track with feeling good – whether that’s working out or taking classes to sharpen my intuition.

It’s a purpose.

And it doesn’t have to be grandiose.

So tune in, and ask yourself what is your purpose right now? What lights you up, and drives you forward to create and manifest?

Per A Course in Miracles, it’s our function (not some airy, fairy dream), to create joy.

We have a whole universe there to support us.

But we do have free will, and we can decide to stay down-in-the-dumps, or ask for some help to shift it.

And for those of you wanting a deeper dive into these principals, in our podcast this week, we talk about the ingredients to access that un-limitless potential inside of all of us. Where there’s a will there’s a way…

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. Click here to listen to our latest podcast πŸ‘‡ episode on apple πŸ’™

The book I read in a day…

I read (or should I say listened to), the book, “Into the Light”, by John Lerma, during my 8+ drive to Tahoe the other day. It is amazing!

A hospice doctor started noticing patterns with people who were about to pass. In terms of extraordinary visions about the other side, and what we’re meant to do with our time here before we pass. So much so he couldn’t deny it.

It’s heart warming and up-lifting.

We refer to the book in our podcast this week, as we share our version of Stranger Thing’s “upside down world”, except this version is the Golden Upside Down…

I hope this brings you a little peace, and a shift in perspective from fear to love. When we shift our state of mind and how we’re making decisions, we are truly limitless in what we can co-create with the universe πŸ’«

Oh, and speaking of books, I finished writing mine this week and it’s off to the publisher! I am so excited!

It was a journey and I miss it already. I’ll share my biggest take aways in an upcoming post πŸ™Œ

But… I could not have done it without the gal who helped me create the book proposal! Richelle used to work for Hay House, and was in charge of the marketing and PR for their authors. She knows all of the ins and outs on what it takes to have a proposal accepted by a publisher, including platform coaching (i.e. how big of a data base / following do you need to get a book deal, etc)!

She started her own business and little while ago, and found she just wasn’t able to help everyone through 1:1 (I was lucky to get in with her in that capacity), and group coaching, and so she has created an online course! Enrollment opens on August 3rd, and you can get on the waitlist + all of the details here if you’re interested. I highly recommend working with her if you’ve been wanting to write a book, or are already in the process πŸ™‚

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

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My new favourite podcast…

And no it’s not mine πŸ‘‡ Lol!

I have been loving “Smartless” with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett.

It’s pure laughter and nothing to do with personal development… or is it? πŸ€”

As I was driving my son to an early morning baseball game the other day, I didn’t have time to get in my usual morning routine.

Or I should rephrase, I wasn’t willing to get up that early to fit it in!

I came across their podcast instead…

And I was reminded of something important.

Laughter is truly the best medicine.

Even though all of this studying of personal development is amazing, let’s not forget that at the end of the day all of it is really about shifting our state.

Shifting the mindset and energy in which we are operating from.

Because what we put out deep down, on an energy/feeling level, is what we will get back always.

And nothing beats in my mind, well maybe a walk-in-nature, the power of laughter.

So this podcast, and laughter in general, is now being included in my morning practice 🀣

Let’s stop being so serious all of the time… geesh…

And if you want another good laugh, tune into our podcast this week, where I an ironic story around watermelon and forgiveness is shared. It’s really part 2 of episode 110, so tune into that one first if you haven’t already!

Have a great weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

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