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My OCD had a heyday with this!

Our first couple of weeks of back-to-school did not quite go as planned with one of our kids getting COVID!!

Thankfully they had received one dose of the vaccine and so it didn’t hit that hard. BUT those 10 days of quarantine were intense because our other child – as “luck” would have it – did not come into close contact with that child… but I did!

Soooo…. needless to say there was A LOT of cleaning, wiping down areas, wearing masks, and not being able to really see either child much those first few days. Thank-you to CVS for many, many rapid tests!!

And it worked because no one else got it, and the non-infected child was able to continue all activities including school because of the non “close contact” rules – holy moly was that decision tree ever a process, not to mention what felt like endless calls with both schools and the various health departments 😳

But my OCD lovvved it!

She had been waiting her whole life for this opportunity!!!

And in this case, it served me (all of us) well.

Let’s take a look at that. What seems to be “negative” often has a positive intention deep down and can really serve us or DID really serve us at one time or another.

Even the beginnings of the OCD are questionable for me…

I was diagnosed during my first year of university – when uncertainties were high and new beginnings massive!

But it actually started before that… with being afraid people would die or be hurt in accidents, and then having to carry out different behaviours to appease the anxiety (fear) of this. It was pretty mild but came out with a bigger vengeance that first year of school and subsiding again afterward.

It’s my spiritual journey over the last 14 years that helped immensely with it and it’s now pretty much gone – all because I tackled the root issue – death. After losing my Dad in my 20’s, and asking, studying and tuning into who we really are, I shifted my fear. Although I’m sure I’m still afraid of dying deep down, I do feel more at peace with the idea that we do live on. After many, many sessions with mediums, angel healers, and learning how to tune into different energies myself, I am much more empowered.

And what’s interesting with the whole thing – is that I knew from a young age my Dad was going to die. I just had a feeling πŸ€” I was so sad in grade 4 choir because I felt like he was going to die. I remember seeing a therapist a few years before he passed away and sharing that fear with her. She assured me that alcoholics – what he ultimately died of – live a long time. Probably what I needed to hear at the time, but I knew it wasn’t true deep down.

So did the OCD all stem from a premonition? Not sure. Maybe it was helpful in helping me to feel safe. Like I had some control over the situation with my Dad and others…

Try tuning into something you’re struggling with right now and ask what is the positive intention deep down? What is it there to do? Even if it’s a heavier feeling. Maybe it’s stress around growing your business or taking a leap in putting yourself out there in a bigger way.

The best thing to do is thank it for showing-up, tune into how your positive intention is actually being honoured and valued, in my case feeling safe. How am I really safe? For me it’s about being connected to something bigger and being able to tune in and receive the guidance we all have access to. But what is it for you?

This will help you to shine a light on those fears holding you back that are talking you into not moving forward. Likely from something that served you well when you were younger, but that no longer does now as an adult. Especially one taking risks and growing a business.

Happy exploring and wishing you an amazing weekend! Baseball is back ON in our family! ⚾️ ❀️

~ Chris xox

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Are you willing to do what it takes?

What does that even mean?

It means that you are willing to get UNCOMFORTABLE in whatever way that looks like to grow your business…

One of my other favourite loves is real estate investing…

It came to life after hanging out with a few men in mastermind group who had done really well in their businesses and needed something to do with all of their money 😳

They began real estate investing in Ohio. A great entry point with a high return.

And like always, I thought, “if they can do it I can do it”.

And so we did.

And that has expanded, allowing us to create multiple revenue sources 😍

The other day one of our cleaning ladies had to cancel and so I stepped in to get the job done.

I was ready. Podcast picked out – thank-you Amy Porterfield – and cleaning supplies in place.

And after an intensive clean – my back was aching!!! – I was reminded of two things.

First, how grateful I am for our cleaning lady.

Second, that we have to be willing to do what it takes to grow (and run) a successful business.

Whether it’s:

βœ”οΈ reaching out to someone you’re scared to

βœ”οΈ implementing a new idea you’re not convinced will work

βœ”οΈ speaking on a stage

βœ”οΈ getting into the weeds – physically like me, or taking a real look at what isn’t working…

You have to be willing to go there – wherever there is for you – because your SUCCESS lies on the other side.

I didn’t know how we were going to make those Ohio investments happen initially. But we made the DECISION first, and as always the universe showed us the soul-ution second.

Yay πŸ™Œ

What are you dreaming up these days?

What is the uncomfortable action you need to take next that will move your dream forward?

You’ve got this.

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Chris xox

And if you’re looking for something to listen to, in our latest podcast episode 🎀 we tune into how to shine your light from the inside out, and what it means to go home…  if even for a moment…

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Attack is smack no matter how small…

How many times do we feel righteous in our words and actions? Like we KNOW for SURE we are right. 😳

Maybe someone cut us off or we’re being accused of something we didn’t do. Or we just think our version of the truth is the TRUTH. We’ve all been there. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

But it’s all these rules around what’s right and wrong, that keep us in our ego and quit honestly in defense mode.

Where we tend to react versus respond.

Which essentially is an “attack” regardless of who started it…

We dive into this in our latest podcast episode 🎀 where we discuss all different types of attack – that ego is sneaky – and what to do if you feel yourself being triggered.

Because this isn’t your real self…

And when we get triggered, or start to either attack first or attack back, it can send our energy, and therefore what we’re focusing on and creating as a result, into a downward spiral πŸŒ€

It’s the ego’s bait.

If you’re looking for a deeper convo this holiday weekend, grab a tea or head out for a walk and enjoy some laughs with us πŸ’›

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

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My #1 fave for creating content πŸ™Œ

In this day and age if you’re a business owner and have an online presence, creating content is key. Content that appeals to your ideal client and that actually helps them πŸ’ͺ

But as you’ve read in my past article, it can start to feel like a “should”.

With multiple platforms out there – I always say 1-2, maybe 3 you love.

Here are the platforms I use frequently that I love the most:

  • Writing here! I LOVE writing and sharing here with this community, which I do through convertkit
  • Posting these article on my blog (website) for people not subscribed here
  • Podcasting! We do this through all of the regular podcast channels and upload through Libsyn
  • Instagram – posts, stories, lives, reels, IGTV
  • Facebook – personal, biz page & private self-care and podcast group

Creating said content can feel like A LOT. Especially if you are posting every day.

There are a lot of people teaching how to schedule content creation, i.e. deciding how often you want to put it out, and then blocking out time to create all of your posts, articles, etc.

I could never stick to that though.

It felt too forced, too contrived.

BUT you know what ALWAYS works?

Being inspired by going for a walk in nature.

Whether it’s a beach walk, hike or walk around the neighbourhood, being outside does it for me.

I get inspired. Ideas just start flowing, and not necessarily about social media, just in general.

And you know what ends up happening?

I want to share the insights and shifts in perspective.

Literally sharing from the overflow on my saucer.

I fill up my cup, get connected and grounded as a result.

And in a place of RECEIVING.

Ladies this is a big one for us!

The ideas and thoughts just flow, because I’m in that state. And like attracts like, so they keep on coming!

I really realized during shut down, I would go for 2-3 hour walks. Man I got a lot worked out in that time!!

And before I would just “trust” I would remember the ideas, but I wouldn’t 🀣

So now I open the notes app (on iphone), and jot down the ideas.

I now even have categories, and as the ideas come in, i.e. a self-care revelation or inspiration for an article here, I know where to put them so I can find them easier later.

Then when it’s time to put the content together – per the block of time in my calendar – I do it.

And this is really where you can onboard help – I’ve tried having support at all of the stages – but I still like creating my own content the best πŸ’›

So all in all, it’s taking the time for ourselves that is hands down the VERY best way, allowing our minds to relax, and consciousness to receive all of the goodness the universe has waiting for us.

Because we’re not alone in this.

And when we’re asking for the universe to show us the people we can help in our businesses, this is part of it.

Right down to the content.

I hope this helps you too and that you can find your own way to connect and receive πŸ’«


~ Chris xox

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This old sales approach is out…

I remember when I was doing an intensive sales / mindset program and we were trained to do “whatever it takes”.

Which really meant getting uncomfortable. Emailing and texting were out of the question, with calling people on the phone being the only way.

And on Sundays.

Gasp 🀭

Which went against most people’s value systems – most of us were brought-up with Sundays being a religious day off (even if we weren’t religious), with stores and businesses being closed.

But that had shifted.

But our mindsets hadn’t.

So, this was a tough one.


We signed up for this program and were trusting our teacher whole-heartedly.

And so, we made our calls.

We put ourselves out there, got uncomfortable, and learned just how much sales are connected to our psychology.

Sales is scary.

1. Because we don’t want to come across as salesy.

2. Because we care on a primal level about being judged and kicked out of the group.

Needless to say, I learned A LOT.

About how to move through these feelings, let go of this judgment that holds many of us back, and how to truly connect with people.

Because that’s really what it’s all about. Learning how to start a conversation…

… and then LISTENING!!!!

As a service-based business owner we are here to offer a service, and we cannot do that if we don’t know how to really tune in and hear people. To discover their needs, desires, challenges and IF our service IS the solution.

But like all things this has shifted.

We are now in a day and age where people don’t want to get on the phone.

It’s intrusive.

Am I right?! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I received one of these calls the other day…

I usually don’t answer if I don’t know the number but did this time for some reason… maybe to write an article about it – ha!

The person was asking questions about our cable needs. I tried explaining politely that we were good with our current services, but he kept pushing. More questions, more polite answers, still not listening. To when I still said politely – yay me! – “I’m good and I’m hanging up now.”

This is who we don’t want to be and why sales has a bad rep.

Our only job is to help make people make a decision during that call. And if it’s a no, be respectful. In my sales process I do teach how to overcome objections from an empowering place, but not the cost of coming across as rude or disrespectful, or for goodness sake not listening.

We have to be able to read the room.

And not putting our desire to “get” ahead of our need to “help”.

There is a time and place to ask questions, especially if you sense someone is letting their fears get in the way of what they are wanting.

And we need to look at how to generate these connection calls without cold calling…

How can you generate buzz both online and offline?

How can you truly connect with people, and THEN offer the opportunity to dive deeper whether that be through a phone call, zoom or coffee (which I caution if this is more about giving away your time).

There are many ways to do this and I find speaking in it’s many platforms to be the best way to connect ❀️

Brainstorm over the weekend what this looks like for you and tune into what is the most empowering for you and those you’re here to serve.

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. In our latest podcast episode on all things A Course in Miracles, we talk about how all forms of “attack”, like the need to react, lash out, gossip, etc. is actually keeping you in the ego’s game of “less than”, instead of your true empowered self capable of creating and manifesting amazingness! πŸ’ͺπŸ’›

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How much is too much πŸ’°

There is a lot of misleading information and I want to say “pressure” around goal setting…

Over the years I’ve seen some consistencies…

“Am I setting big enough goals?”

“How much is too much?”

“I just want to have enough to live a simple life”

“A million dollars sounds good”

But most of the time we’re not conscious of why we’re setting these goals. I gave you an exercise a few weeks ago around dreaming big and mapping out your ideal lifestyle first. Then determining your financial goal second, based on your ideal lifestyle.

But really what we’re doing is setting goals that stretch us. That ideal lifestyle feels like a big dream, that we’re excited to create but wonder at the same time, “can I actually make it happen?”

The answer is yes!

And by mapping out an empowered lifestyle that we’re excited about and will bring us joy is okay to want!

And it’s these goals that help us grow – and honestly remember – who we really are.

The most magnificent, co-creators and powerful beings here to create happiness!

Whatever makes our ❀️ sing 🎢

Where we can get to the point of thinking, “I would love to go to Hawaii”, and the opportunity shows-up two days later to speak there ! (True story! I’m excited to go in November 🌺)

And you see said opportunities because you’re worthy of receiving.

And you bring them to fruition because you know how to take inspired action.

Because you’ve grown and done the INNER work to get there.

That you continue to work on.

Growing and evolving.

And that’s really what the old term B-HAG is referring too!

Remember that one from the early coaching days?

Big Hairy Audacious Goals!


They are about setting a goal so big that it feels scary – only because you have no idea how to make it happen. Not scary in the literal sense.

And you do the inner work to get there.

Letting go of self-imposed limitations that keep you stuck and in a disempowered state.

This came up for a client this week – who had a major revelation about her next level of goal setting!

And when I asked her what she would do differently if she was making X per week, she replied:

“I wouldn’t feel like I had to post on social media as often. I wouldn’t be trying to get something. I would just be sharing from the overflow (of her cup).”

A shift from “should to share” as we called it!

And this type of sharing would look remarkably different – sharing from a place of what lights her up and inspires her instead of what she thinks she has to in order to “get” something…

I have to say kudos to this amazing lady for being so honest and her willingness to go so deep, because not a lot of people are.

But that is the “work” we’re talking about…

And so her financial goal isn’t about all of the material things she will buy, it’s about letting go…

Letting go of the limitations that are holding her back from being who she really is.

Stripping away all of the “shoulds” and “gets” to just be…

And isn’t it interesting?

What she is really dialing back is freedom. Freedom to just help and serve others in a way that she is inspired to do.

Which will actually bring in the financial abundance anyway…

This is why “act as if” is so important.

As a coach, we want our clients to step into this version of themselves now. Before they create it.

Then asking – How does this version of you act? Make decisions? Show-up in the world? And my favourite – how do they take care of themselves?

Because self-care / self-love is key.

It’s ALL about receiving.

And when you step into this place of already BE-ing this version of you, you become this version faster πŸ™Œ

Because what you put out comes back. Always.

But are you prepared to do the inner work to be able to operate from that place?

Where you let go of what people think and ALL of the judgment?

And if you are, drop me a “yes”!!!

And then…

What goal do you need to set, that is in alignment with your ideal lifestyle, and that stretches you so that you are forced to grow, step out of the ego’s limitations, and step into the ultimate manifestor you really are? πŸ’«πŸ’›

Have an amazing weekend pondering this over! We are enjoying the last weekend before school starts camping by the ocean and are so thankful for these moments with the kids πŸ’™

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. In keeping with stepping out of comfort zones – check out our latest podcast episode as we fumble our way through narcism and how it relates to A Course in Miracles… because who hasn’t come across a “narc-hole” in their lives or businesses? We share our ideas on how to handle these situations 😍

What I learned from my social media break…

I took a social media break for a full week recently – a Monday to Monday right after I posted that I was taking a break 🀣

I didn’t love the feeling of “pressure to post” and wanted a little breather.

What I learned was interesting.

First, I am way too attached!

I found myself thinking about posting often, like an addict. Ohhh… this would make a good post… and I better take my photo this way or that way so it will look nice on social! Yikes. A lot of thoughts on auto-pilot…

Second, the habit is fierce!!

I pride myself on (and teaching others about) empowered schedules. I block in time for EVERYTHING that is important to me both personally and professionally or it won’t get done. This includes time for social media.

But there is a little something that is horrifying.

It’s called automatic habits.

Things we do that we don’t even realize!

Until we shine a BIG light on them!

I realized whenever I had a break in my day, I was automatically reaching for my phone to go on social.


And this is with taking a break from it!

I wouldn’t even realize at first until I was already on there scrolling, with even responding to someone’s cute post about a US woman winning an Olympic gold medal for surfing! πŸ„πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

But that is exciting right?!

I pride myself on not going on social a lot and little did I know I am actually on there A LOT!!!!

For my standards anyway πŸ˜‰

It’s these little unconscious habits that throw us off from what we really want to be doing and end up eating a lot of our time especially as entrepreneurs.

Third, I missed connecting. Truly.

At the end of the day, this is why I am on social. And I was happy that this came through. I love seeing what people are up to and found myself thinking, I wonder what so and so’s doing…

And I missed it.

Social media is a great way to connect when we use it CONSCIOUSLY.

So I invite you to take a quick check-in this week…

  1. Do an inventory – how much are you actually on there? Catch yourself and jot it down in a notebook or on your phone.
  2. How much do you want to be on there? What feels empowered and intentional?
  3. Speaking of intentions, what are yours? Adjust #2 if need be πŸ’›

Let’s consciously choose how we want to spend our time. And a great question in general is:

Is this taking me closer or further from my dreams?

I would also ask this, is it in alignment with my values?

Connecting with others is a huge one for me, and social also allows me to share my teachings from a business perspective, so for me social media fits. It’s just a matter of to what extent. πŸ€”

I hope this helps you, and have a beautiful weekend too!

~ Chris xox

Extremes never win…

Now I know why I can’t seem to stick to keto…

Because extremes never win!

I’ve always been wary when people say they “don’t drink” or “never eat carbs”…

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome to take a break from something… I’ve done that lots too and a reset is great πŸ™Œ

But to go as far as to say I never do something, is to inflict extreme rules around something.

It’s never black-and-white.

Rigid rules and expectations are the ego’s playground… sounding noble at first, but in essence setting us up to fail.

And then when we do, we get to feel like a bad person.

So, for the last year and a half, I’ve been struggling to stay on the keto diet.

It was good intentions first – to heal a gut issue and was recommended by my naturopath.


I love “good” food.

The secret is out!

And so, then I would eventually slip. And as Tony Robbins says, once he slips he keeps on slipping!

I hear you Tony!

And so for me the weight would come back.

With me left feeling defeated.

But I had an ah-ha moment… I don’t like extremes and don’t do well with them long term.

No wonder it wasn’t working πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

And so, my NEW approach is, what did I love about keto and what made me feel great?

That is what I will stick with moving forward, while lightning-up on the “rules” around it.

And please… what is with this craze to look and act “perfect” whatever that is!!

And guess what?

When I allow myself that grace, I operate more from more of a self-love place, and come close to a keto regime anyway!

Funny how that happens right?

So Amber, what rules do you need to let go of?

In life and business?

What rules are keeping you in such a place of rigidity that you’ve forgotten how to be flexible and compassionate?

And I’m not just talking about for others – this is for YOU!

When we lighten up our energy, we allow for the most amazing things to come in πŸ’«

Happy weekend and let’s connect on social too πŸ’›

~ Chris xox

You know your worth when…πŸ€”

If you are in-charge of setting your own rates as a business owner, you know how hard it can be to put a price tag on your services.

When we’re just starting out we just want to get GOING in this new direction and are willing to take just about anything or even trade for free…

We stair-step our rates from there.

We just don’t have the confidence to charge more EVEN when we have a whole wealth of knowledge and experience under our belts from a different career or industry.

But I learned a different way to make decisions around fees.

It’s based on the VALUE you bring, not what your TIME is worth.

It is about your client, not about you. πŸ™Œ

So how do you even begin to assign a value, because if we’re being honest especially as coaches, the value someone gets from making massive changes in their lives is truly priceless.

So I’ve created a template to help. Where we look at your goals and dreams, what that lifestyle and existence costs, so that you can price your offerings accordingly.

Because in an industry where the cost can range anywhere from $0 to $1 million +, truly anything goes with it not being regulated.

And the only difference between you right now, and a coach charging on the higher end, is this:


That’s honestly the only difference.

My coaching depth has evolved over the years, but my process has remained the same.

So when I share my rate with a potential client with confidence and being unattached, I know I’ve stepped into a place of truly honouring and seeing my value.

AND the biggest indicator?

Being prepared to walk away…

To own your worth and value is a powerful thing, in a land of energy. Where what we put out comes back πŸ’«

So please, do this ideal lifestyle exercise so that you too can get clear on your pricing and truly step into owning your worth and your value πŸ’›

Much Love & Happy Weekend!

~ Chris xox

PS A new podcast is up for those of you wanting to take a deeper dive into A Course in Miracles! This week’s episode, “We all Fall out the Window” is all about our window of tolerance as we get back into the world post-pandemic, and also a fun Homeland Security story, where I almost – gulp! – could have been kicked out of the US!!

And let’s connect on social if we’re not already 😍

The universe is magic πŸ’«

A big dream came true this past week – we bought a “mountain” house! We fell in love with Lake Tahoe last summer when we went camping there, and are just thrilled to have a spot where we can ski and use in the summer πŸ’™ I’ve never seen a lake so magnificent!

And this all came from a dream my husband and I had a loooong time ago before we were even married! To own property in different areas that we could both use and rent out.

In order to do this it meant trusting – we lost out on soooo many homes with this hot market πŸ”₯ AND several deals fell through with selling some of our other smaller investment properties. This has definitely been a PROCESS to say the least that we could have easily given up on at many times along the way.

But we don’t give up when we have a dream right?

Especially when it’s for someone else.

My big dream was to live in California and my husband was thankfully on-board, and HIS is to have a spot in the mountains – with being an avid snowboarder πŸ‚

And so we had to step into the place of trusting and believing the right way would unfold…

It was a great lesson for the kids to see how this looks in real time and that what we want to create doesn’t just show-up instantly.

But every next step does…

AND It involves patience and persistence.

And it did show-up βœ”οΈ

Now it needs work, so wish us luck as we embark upon a total renovation 😳

But I’ll keep my rose-coloured glasses on (my sunglasses literally have a pink tint) and stay focused on the awesome deck and beautiful views of the trees and mountains as we make this vision come to light.

And this post is a reminder for me too as we take these next steps – every single step will line up with contractors, vendors, and deliveries to get it rental ready πŸ™‚

What I kept saying, and will say is…

Dear universe, if this is going to be a great investment for our family – both long and short term – please have this work out and show-us the way.

Because a few times it was looking dicey.

And that’s where the magic lies πŸ’«

We don’t have to make things happen on our own…

We have a whole universe supporting us.

We just need to make decisions from our heart, and ask to be shown the way.

We then need to be able to spot the way and then take action to make it happen.

To RECEIVE every single step.

And I do have a process and it has been a journey to truly live life this way. Do I get anxious sometimes? Yep. But I can truthfully say, that this is how I now live my life…

Making decisions before the way is there.

Allowing the way to unfold with utmost trust and FUN to be honest!! I love this stuff!

Even with the renovation, things are already starting to unfold… with finding vendors that have materials when others have said it’s out of stock, our contractor who we just love being willing to make the trek up… that kind of stuff πŸ˜‰

I’m curious…. if I were to put together a course or even a manifesting challenge, would that be of interest? I infuse this into everything I teach, but haven’t taught it as a stand-alone something in a very loooong time.

Just drop me a yep in a reply here πŸ’«

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Chris xox

And let’s connect on social if we’re not already friends there πŸ™‚