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it’s a load of 💩

Ahhh…the highs and lows, ups and downs of being a mompreneur

I shared with you last week that I had the best time at my book launch party…

What I didn’t share was the real life “sh@t fest” going on behind the scenes 🤣

We had run out of dog food…we’re on auto ship for our two pups and can only get the food online…mistake #1…🤔

I decided to feed them rice and some leftover ground turkey we had with a little pumpkin puree..that is what the vet has recommended before when one of them had a virus…mistake #2 with Australian Shepherds…🐶

The 💩 fest that ensued was out of this world! It was everywhere!

So while I was getting ready for the party all week, I was also constantly cleaning up 💩 AND washing the dogs backsides…sigh

And the morning after my party was no exception…I had an early morning zoom scheduled for a speaking engagement…

I got dressed from the waist-up, which I never do, I’m always nervous I’ll have to get up for some reason and end up exposing my bottom half 🤣

But on this particular morning I didn’t want to get fully ready with having to clean-up all of the 💩 that ensued over night 🤦🏻‍♀️

So I’m sitting there smiling in my pretty pink sweater, hair still looking nice from the night before, talking about work / life balance, while all I can smell is 💩

Oh vey.

And that is real life 🤣💛

At least the talk is on “Don’t Let the Pool Go Green” and debunking the myths around work / life balance! That’s a chapter in my book too 🙂

Because it does not exist.

Where there’s a high there’s a low, where there’s a lull there’s progress, and so on and so forth…it’s the law of polarity.

And like we mentioned in our podcast this week and last, we’re trying way too hard to fix this world. There is always going to be something. And when we’re trying to make it “perfect” we’re in fix it mode and never good enough mode. The breeding ground for stress and overwhelm.

What we can do instead, is realize there will always be something, and the more we can laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously, the more we can allow things to roll off our backs, go with the flow.

And to me that inner calm is true balance.

It’s all in the letting go of the anxious thoughts…

And wow! That was a lot of 💩 emoji’s in one email!

Happy to say we are back on track with the dogs AND have ordered an extra bag of dog food while still being on auto ship 🤣 Thanks to my husband for that great idea!

your vibe attracts your tribe 🌈❤️

Funny I was part of a book collaboration awhile back where I wrote a chapter in a book, and the gal in-charge hosted a launch party for it’s release complete with a step & repeat…and so I thought why not do that for mine?!

And so I did. I hosted a party in town at our local “Cheers”! Our little beach side community is only about 15,000 people, and has truly become a home away from home. With most people also not having a lot of family around, it’s a place where your friends quickly become your family.

The spot I hosted it at is owned by a couple who have become our friends, and where I used to host my “mompreneur” business meetings at to support my friend at the same time ❤️ And so this was the perfect spot for my book launch party!

I invited as many friends, female entrepreneurs, clients and featured coaches as I could, and it was truly magical having so many of the women I love in one spot 💫 With those who couldn’t make it being there in spirit, and some even sending the most beautiful flowers to celebrate! Thank-you Nat & Jan 🌸

Women lifting women up is a beautiful thing.

Everyone there was so supportive, and receiving all of that love was almost too much! But I kept reminding myself, it’s okay to receive…and giving and receiving have to go together. Something I’ve been working on for a long time. Being worthy enough to receive, and quite frankly what the book is all about.

I hope you feel supported and loved too, because you are. I hope you feel that here as part of our community in some small way, because that is the intention.

We love and support you. We hear you and we see you. Keep dreaming big and allow yourself to receive all of the love that’s there for you. Because it is. You are limitless.

And I want to give a special shout out to the women who helped contribute to the event, because not only are their products & services amazing, they are some of the most heart-centered women I know and deserve to be mentioned ❤️

Shari Brown – Younique

Natiya Guin – Deep Living

Wendi Forbes – Breath Degrees

Najla Wehbe Dipp​ – Sothebys (and one of our featured coaches)

Erin Paris – Young Living

Whitney Peterson – local photography

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! I’m off to catch my son’s playoff game & my husband rock out with his Dad band! Ha! Gotta love all of the hats!

The book comes out June 13th, but if you would like to pre-order + receive access to my “Self-care for Success” course now you can here

in my whirlwind of activity…i forgot to send!

I had the best time speaking last week in Seattle! It is truly beautiful there 💚 It was a whirlwind of a trip – one night & one afternoon to see the city – and was soooo worth it!

The group I spoke for were amazing…so heart-centered & willing to share…and the city was apparently the clearest it had been in years and was GORGEOUS! And in my flurry of activity, I forgot to get this out to you 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wanted to share a thought I had while I was there…

I arrived at the hotel, which was this beautiful sanctuary surrounded in nature, just a mile from the airport! It was nestled into a forest complete with walking trails! Truly a gem.

I was able to check-in early which was exciting after an early morning flight, and I was excited about the big windows and views I saw on their website in advance.

…but when I got to the room, my view was the parking lot. Still treed and nice, but the parking lot, nonetheless.

And I thought to myself, “who cares you’re here for one night, and it’s still pretty…”

But then I thought, “but what if there’s a room with a better view?”

And so I called down, and there was!

It was on the other side of the property facing the forest area AND it was on the ground floor just a little ways down from the entrance to this beautiful area…it was amazing!

And I was reminded in that moment…

It’s okay to ask for what you want!

How many times do we settle for less, not speak-up, and tell ourselves it’s fine?

Well it’s this energy that keeps us in things always being “fine”, instead of taking our power back, taking a stand for what we want, and making it happen!

It’s that darn people pleasing again.

And I have to say, I had the best time in this room! I spent a few hours working next to this view with the window open, and then had an ultimate self-care experience! I walked the grounds, sat in the sun for a good 30-minutes, then enjoyed the tub and bath salts that came with the room, a face mask, and a movie! I woke-up early the next day and did a meditation from the chair overlooking the view.

This empowered energy was everything in the way I showed-up for my talk ❤️

So tune in, and ask yourself, “what are you settling for right now?” It could be big or small, but it all has a ripple effect…

Faith is my fave 💛

I hope you enjoyed the manifesting challenge! I had so much fun connecting with you the last 5 mornings! If you missed it you can go back and watch them here ~ they are all pinned to featured at the top 🙂

We would love to hear how it went for you! What did you create as a result?

And amidst all of the manifesting reminders, we missed letting you know about our most recent podcast…

And it’s a goodie!

Speaking of manifesting and creating miracles, it involves FAITH and having trust in something bigger than us.

That we’re a part of and that’s a part of us.

We loved having Dana Shalit on this week as guest. She is someone who has taken A Course in Miracles by the horns, and conquered it with gusto!

She was humbled and the whole process of learning it was a lesson in and of itself.

She has created some amazing things with FAITH being the foundation for it all 💫

Tune into the pod this week, and you will learn more about how Dana was able to get through the entire course and how she continues to use it daily.

I also love how she ties in the science of what is going on in our bodies when we practice self-care ❤️

We hope you will enjoy listening in as mush as we enjoyed connecting with this fellow Canadian!

raise your vibe for manifesting 🌈

I had a bit of a draining week to be honest. There was a lot going on that required extra energy.

You know when you have stuff on your mind, that causes extra conversations so then you’re up later than usual, and then you wake-up in the middle of the night because it’s weighing on you?!

Yep, that was me this week 🙋🏻‍♀️

Well after a few days of that and the dust settling a little, I ended up having a nice relaxing evening by watching a new show – I love Netflix! Who’s with me?!

It was so relaxing, which led to an amazingly delicious night sleep, and jazz hands (did you see my email the other day?!) I was back 🤗💛

And I was reminded yet again – it’s for sure my life lesson – what happens when we take care of ourselves.

It was the self-care last night that led to feelings of relaxation, calm and even joy! This led to being completely relaxed before going to bed and getting a great night sleep.

And we all know how important sleep is…

I woke-up feeling refreshed and clear. Grounded and calm. Connected and happy.

And energetically what was going on, was that the self-care I did was an act of self-love, and it raised my vibration (frequency). Calm leads to more calm. Love leads to more love. Empowered decisions lead to empowered results.

And this is the state of be-ing we need to operate from to manifest our hearts desires ❤️

I’m doing a 5-day manifesting challenge starting May 1st inside of our facebook group; “Self-care for Success” and you can bet we will be kicking off with some self-care!

Drop me a ❤️ inside the group on the post with this pic 👉 if you’re IN. And not to worry, this isn’t going to require a bunch of extra time, it’s about having the internal shifts needed to create the external results you’re looking for, in your life + biz.

Here’s the link to the group again. And you just need to be a member there to join us for this challenge, which is free to participate in. Let’s do this 👊💛

pls just say no 🙏

I am reminded again and again how hard this is.

I have a speaking event coming up on all things “Self-care for Success” and the co-ordinator would like me to spend a lot of the time on saying no. This is for corporate women.

This continues to be a major issue for women, and it doesn’t matter what industry or what age…

And I came across someone the other day who was afraid, and I was really just looking for a yay or nay…more on that in a sec…

Why is it so hard?

We are people pleaser’s by nature.

We want to help, but we’ve also been taught to get love and approval outside of ourselves.

Getting our worth through others and by our accomplishments.


We are afraid to lose that love deep down. And so we stay quiet. We stay in people pleaser mode. And we definitely don’t speak up for what we want.

Until we do.

It might be a little rough around the edges at first – our next podcast episode was inspired by this & more to come on that soon – but it’s also LIBERATING!

It feels good to take a stand, to be worthy enough to speak up for what our own heart desires.

It doesn’t mean to we don’t give or help other people, but we will definitely be a lot happier when we do!

And please know, that the people that are worthy enough to have YOU in their life, are the people who are just looking for an answer…

So please, if I ask you something (or someone else does), and you want to say no, please do. We can say no with love & respect. And I (and hopefully others), will have the same love & respect for you too when you also say no 🙏💙

Saturdays are for…

Saturdays are a great time to slow down

With taking a little extra time to ease into the day without the weekly agenda hovering overhead.

I do still love to do my my morning routine though ❤️

For awhile there I would take the weekends off, but then I realized I missed it and I would also start to feel off!

But I do like to shake it up. Like for awhile there I was doing these mediations from a psychic course I was taking and it was so much fun!

What do you like to do for your self care routine?

In our latest podcast episode, Amy and I share our own self-care routines in detail and it was so cool to see the differences!

At the end of the day, it’s not about rituals, or doing things in the right or wrong way, it’s about allowing yourself to do what makes you feel good. It’s about starting your day on an empowered note 💙

Allowing is really the key word. When we allow ourselves to do what brings us joy, peace, and calm, we are telling the universe we are worthy of receiving joy, peace, and calm.

We become an attraction magnet of this energy, and see more and more opportunities to co-create more love, peace, and calm in our lives + businesses.

We have to be able to receive.

I have been confronted with this beauty again as my book is being introduced to the world! It’s like birthing a baby lol!

I have been receiving a lot of love & compliments, and it’s been a little uncomfortable to be honest.

Even after all these years of working on stuff, it still pops up.

So what do I do?

see it for what it is….”ohhhh you’re having trouble receiving again. It’s okay to receive love. Smile and say thank-you.”

Then I work on my own self through my self-care routine, by strengthening the belief of who I really am (love), and getting grounded. I share it step-by-step in the pod 🙂

And this isn’t about just the mornings, this energy and way of be-ing carries throughout my day and gets strengthened along the way with every single decision I make.

It’s about making empowered decisions.

So what can you do for just you today and this upcoming week?

Let’s allow ourselves to receive so we have more to give ❤️

And I am so excited to have received my first book order through a speaking engagement I’ll be giving next month for a group of women in the corporate space!

To hear that people are interested in the book and that the talk is on “Self-care for Success” truly fills me up more then I ever could have imagined 💕

Keep going with all of those ideas and brainstorms you’ve had too…when they come to fruition it’s magical! AND most of mine have come through the power of self-care 😳

may we all have friends like this 🙏

Some of my friends treated me to a spa day this week to celebrate my new book coming out Abundant Soul-utions: A Mompreneurs Guide to Manifesting Success through Self-care 💛

Not only did we have amazing massages, but we also made use of the facilities in their entirety! The steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, along with the pool, roman bath, and hot tub!

We hit it ALL!

It was truly glorious!

But what wasn’t expected was the impromptu photo shoot that took place!
I brought everyone a copy (it will be available soon!), and we decided to have one of the staff there take some photos.

I was thinking maybe a nice one by the pool would be great…

Well I haven’t laughed that hard in AGES!

It turned into multiple angles, with multiple locations, and lots of pointed toes and leg crossing…

It just “happened” that the woman taking the photos loves photography and was pretty darn good at it.

And she was so funny, with telling us to smile and then do a “normal” shot and would laugh in this funny laugh to get us going, which sent us over the edge cry-laughing and then creating these “normal” shots.

OMG! SOOO Funny!

Not to mention one friend knowing exactly how all of us needed to pose with our legs crossed and toes pointed. Dang it, I messed up in this one! Lol.

When I first went to this spa after moving to San Diego, I always thought it would be fun to go with a group of friends, and thought maybe someday I would even treat them for my birthday.

Well, never did I ever imagine that I would be celebrating the release of writing a book, and that my friends would be treating me ❤️

The universe always has some fun plans for us if we let in the love!

And one of my favourite parts of the day…was when we were all zen’d out and relaxed at the end, we’d laughed and had fun, that on the ride home my friend and I were like…”see it does work!! Self-care for the win”.

And adding in my two cents – it makes all of the difference in how we make decisions and therefore what we’re creating and manifesting as a result 👊

My heart is full, and I am so grateful for these beautiful friends (and for the others who were there in spirit).

And the book will be available for pre-sale soon with some fun bonuses! So that we can all sit poolside with it this summer doing some high kicks 🤣

today I’m grateful for 🙏

What I didn’t expect with this health journey I’m on is the increased sensitivity to spotting people’s B.S. 😳

With letting go of alcohol, gluten, sugar, vegetables (don’t ask), and a whole lotta toxins, what has accompanied all of this is my inner lie detector being magnified tenfold!

And by lies, I mean seeing the lies people are both telling others and to themselves.

What has been difficult for me, is then reacting to said lies. Like I can see what’s going on, but then I’m taking the bait and getting sucked in to the drama of it all. Again heightened sensitivity.

But where it rains it shines always 💛

And after working through a doozy of a situation this week, and feeling so disconnected and anxious as a result, I was able to tune inward after some serious reassurance-seeking-outside-of-myself failed miserably…

Let’s be honest, these spirals do not feel good. For ourselves – with our anxiety increasing the more we try to get reassurance from others, and for the people in our lives who are on the receiving end – with being at a loss on how to help because nothing they say lands.

And it makes sense it doesn’t land – we’re looking in the wrong place for the strength to overcome these grievances.

I’m sharing my journal entry that helped me reconnect and utilize the tools we ALL have WITHIN to wake-up, see clearly, and let go of the inner turmoil we’re experiencing, even when this feels impossible. Because it did for me.

This journalling came after reading chapter 18, section 8, of A Course in Miracles. I highly recommend reading this part if you are really feeling stuck in a situation and can’t see a way out.

And what does this have to do with manifesting our business & lifestyle dreams?


It’s this stuff that keeps us distracted and disconnected. It’s the connection to Source that enables us to co-create our biggest hearts desires ❤️

I hope this journal entry helps you along your path to inner-peace too.


what does it mean to set boundaries?

I was chatting with a friend earlier this week about what it means to actually set boundaries ❤️ I think there’s a little more to it…

At first glance, we tend to think it means standing up for ourselves with our words. Telling people how we feel and why.

And while I totally agree with this and that it absolutely is warranted sometimes…

The reality is that it doesn’t always feel safe.

The other person may not want to hear what you have to say or want to take responsibility for their own part.

Even if you are approaching the situation with, “I AM…” statements, like we teach our kids.

We might share our feelings, and it might just land flat.

Our even worse in a reaction that leads to confrontation and more drama.

So how do you know when it’s time to say something or time to walk away?

The answer might just be to distance yourself instead.

Or pick your battles and accept where someone is at, and let it go.

And this is why setting boundaries doesn’t always involve words. You might take an action, like distancing yourself from that person, or you might start saying no to them more in general.

Here is what I’ve found to work in order to decipher:

  1. How is this relationship important to you? What purpose does it serve? It’s helpful to get clear on this first.
  2. Is it safe to share your feelings? Will open communication be respected?
  3. Is taking a stand for yourself necessary? Maybe this involves speaking to a third party about the situation instead.
  4. Are you taking something personally? It’s always great to get clear on our own triggers and reactions.
  5. Is taking a night to sleep on it warranted? Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly in the moment.
  6. Try asking the universe to see it clearly.
  7. And then the most important one of all ~ follow the guidance. It might be different each time 💛

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