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Small Business Saturday!

This is another one of my favourite local stores…I have gotten to know the owner Nicole, and her Mom, who is here in this photo with me 💕

We always have the best conversations and end up so filled up that we tear up!

I was able to get:

✔️ a moon circle booked – not sure what it is but I’m excited to find out!

✔️ Christmas gifts

✔️ and I picked up my check from book sales – love them!

So this is just a little reminder, when we shop local we are helping other families and entrepreneurs create their dreams 💫

I’m not into extremes…are you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about extremes lately…and I am reminded again that I don’t really believe in them.

I’m really more of an “in moderation” kind of gal…

I spent 6 months this year on a crazy strict regime to reduce inflammation and get rid of heavy metals.

My short-term memory had taken a major toll for the worst and it was super scary. I was struggling to remember what I had said and where I had been, and with finding the words I knew were in my mind but I could not for the life of me find them to form sentences. It really hit a head after quizzing my son on a test and I could not read the words in a sentence. I could read them in my mind, and then not be able to say them out loud.

It was scary and embarrassing, and I was starting to shy away from conversations from people. As my naturopath put it, “you are going down a fast path to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s”. So scary. It felt like a diagnosis but then wasn’t at the same time because I could fix it.

And so I went on a massive heavy metal cleanse after getting my Ph where it needed to be, took a ton of supplements AND changed my diet drastically.

No gluten, sugar & dairy (which I was mostly doing anyway), AND no alcohol and really nothing else except for meat (of the highest quality), fruit, raw cheese and honey. NOTHING ELSE. It was the carnivore diet, and if you want more info. check out Dr. Paul Saladino on instagram here

It was hard but I did it, and honestly it became a nice reprieve. Meal choices made easy – fruit as a side with an amazing rib eye! Yum!!!

And along the way I lost the 24 lbs I had put on during perimenopause (and a fight with a parasite) that I had been struggling to get off for years! This happened in 4 months 😳

I got a clean bill of health at my last check-up two weeks ago AND that was with adding back in some wine (okay maybe more than some the other night on the dance floor 💃🏻) and also some carbs, “Qui, Qui Baguettes” as our Eiffel Tower guide would say, which got a little out of hand over the summer…it was Paris though!

And I’m reminded…some things we do for a reason or a season, but for the most part doing things in moderation instead of extremes will keep us sane…

I learned that putting myself through a ridiculous exercise regime is not what would take the weight off…

I learned that once my body was healed it was okay to add a few things back in…

So perhaps we need to be a little more kind to ourselves…

Have the glass of wine,

See a naturopath,



Spend time with our kids,

Connect with our clients,

But nothing ever needs to be all or nothing…there can always be a happy medium ❤️

I’m always going to be the person who is spiritual and spicy, with hopefully the right dose of both!

And I’m happy to say walking, yoga and doing the stairs by the beach are my jam! Low impact for the most part 🙂

Find what it is for you…maybe it’s more intensive and maybe it’s not…but one thing is for sure…whenever it becomes a “should” we’re out of alignment with loving & peaceful thoughts about ourselves ☮️

As we head into this holiday season, let’s check in, “what will give me more peace?” and let’s do that!

Wishing you lots of empowered thoughts today and throughout this season 🙂

Zenned out doesn’t mean checked out…

Practicing self-care and become more “zen” doesn’t mean we don’t also practice having good boundaries and taking a stand for what’s important.

If anything I found it’s the opposite.

To me self-care is taking a stand for how we want to live life and be treated.

It’s about self-respect ❤️

It’s about giving ourselves the permission to do what we love and with whom we love.

It’s about diving deep and allowing ourselves to identify the old belief systems not allowing us to receive abundance in all areas of our lives.

It’s a constant work in progress.

And that involves setting boundaries around our time and what we will and won’t tolerate in our loves.

It’s self-worth on the deepest level.

As we practice this we become less tolerable of being treated poorly.

This sometimes looks a little rough around the edges when we finally take a stand, but that’s okay.

It takes some getting used to.

And sometimes, we need to get a little fired up in order to take the action.

We need to lower the rose coloured glasses (just for a second!) and see clearly. Because we want to see the good in others, as we should, but not at the cost of being treated poorly.

Because some times, self-love is going to involve taking a stand that is so big that it pushes us way beyond our people pleasing limits.

This might look like a confrontation. This might look like taking legal action. This might look like setting fierce boundaries for yourself and your family.

Or it might look like discontinuing a relationship, walking away from a situation, or sending someone some love and leaving.

Sometimes zenned out looks like dialed in.

Taking action from a place of self-preservation, love and a deep respect for how we want to be treated. And the more we seem to do this, the more we see where we’re not.

Some days it might look more firey 🔥 others more peaceful ☮️ but at the end of the day it’s coming from a place of love, dignity, and healing for ourselves & others.

We can be both spiritual & spicy.

SEEING is believing ❤️

I did a reading for a client a few months ago and one of her questions was about whether or not to buy a home she was interested in. I tuned in and shared with her what I saw.

I saw her in a one story home with white siding, that was run down and needed work. I saw her in the cozy living room. I saw her in nature and it felt like almost a hippie sort of vibe.

Well, the house she ended up buying was exactly this! This was after losing out on another home that didn’t feel quite right. I got to see her home this week and it was the most incredible feeling to be standing in exactly what I had seen.

What was really cool is that she shared that the reading helped her to stay on course and not lose faith. It’s a project for sure, but the sense of peace it brings her when she’s there is worth it. She is surrounded in nature overlooking a lake with a big wrap around deck. It is beautiful. And low and behold, she’s off the beaten path in a more “hippyish” type of community!

And I felt like I was going to cry at being able to play a small part in this creation.

And to me this is our intuition and we all have it. Trust it. She knew already this was the home and just needed that little bit of validation from someone not involved. We all do sometimes. I went through something recently where I started to judge my own. We all second guess, but if we can keep working on strengthening it, we see we have a power inside of us like no other. That knows exactly how to help us create love, joy & abundance ❤️

Tahoe or Costa Rica 🤔

It dawned on me that I should merge entrepreneurial endeavors and let you know about our property rentals 🙂

As some of you know this is my second love! Real estate investing!

My husband and I had this vision years ago…before kids and while we still lived in Canada…to have properties around the world we could both use and rent out 🙂

Well this was before airbnb and vrbo, and at the time we were like “what do you do if something breaks?!” As my husband jokingly said, “I do not want to be a Mr. Farley!” Insert Three’s Company reference 🤣

And so we kind of forgot about it…until about 10 years ago…we revisited it and entered the property management world.

We started with some lower income housing rentals, and then traded them in later for places we wanted to spend more time in.

And so we have added Lake Tahoe (Incline Village), Costa Rica (Playa Avellanas near Tamarindo), and California (San Diego).

👆Just click on them above if you would like to check them out 😍

This has been a true labour of love and what stretches me wayyy beyond my comfort level and tests my faith in the universe!

And I just love this way of co-creating!

And I would love to share these with my coaching & speaking community too.

If you have any interested, just reply back here, so that we can save you the booking fees ❤️

And…I also wanted to let you know moving forward, I will be doing more inside of my Facebook Community, “Self-care for Success”.

I posted yesterday about something I had read…

The ego does not give out of abundance. It’s always trying to get.

This is such a great reminder…when we give without trying to get the most amazing life is co-created

And I can hear you thinking…ya but what if I’m struggling? What I’ve learned is we have to be able to receive the love + abundance as much as we can give it…love is whole

But if you focus on giving first (without trying to get, so a legitimate give), watch the magic that unfolds. Because giving feels good! It’s an instant receive and elevates our vibe 🌈

There is more on this over there plus a photo of a beautiful statue I came across while speaking and a gal name Rose, who just filled me up with goodness 🩷

My mind is powerful!

This has been my mantra this week.


Sometimes when we’re in the thick of our struggles, when something is going on that we’re having trouble navigating through, we can lose sight of this.

We take the bait. We become disempowered. We can’t see a way out.

But if we can just find a glimmer of empowerment. With the tiniest shift, we can start to remember who we really are.

And how do we do that? Tuning into our own needs which is the ultimate form of self-care ❤️ This photo is of me napping on a girls trip, where I fell asleep in the sun with a face mask on and my feet soaking…ahhh…it was the ultimate!

Because something happens when we take our power back and become empowered.

We show-up differently.

We have more energy.

We become inspired again.

We are focused on what brings us Joy.

We are in one word, empowered.

And the beauty that comes with this?

We become a co-creating maven.

We see the solutions to our problems.

We see a way out of the struggle.

We realize we are powerful.

And where business is concerned, results start flowing again.

Because we have remembered who we are, at our deepest core.

A loving being who is happiest and at their best when they are co-creating their hearts desires.

Everything shifts when we operate from this place.

We are never alone and there is a divine guidance there to support us now.

If we can just make room for even a crack of this empowerment to come in, we can start to take back our power.

Does it mean the problem at hand has gone away fully?

Likely not.

But we see it differently and don’t fall victim to it.



I hope this helps you remember too 💛

a little gift on my birthday 🎁

I came across this and wanted to share it with you too…a little reminder for us all ❤️

And there’s nothing more powerful than the gift of awareness 🎁

Today I’m with my son at a baseball tournament in Arizona 🌵 There is no place I would rather be on my birthday than being on a road trip with him and soaking up his final year at home as a senior 💛

how to be there for your kids + work 🤔

If you joined me for our challenge last week you will know my hair was driving me crazy!!!

Well ✔️ that off the toleration list! WHOO HOO!

And yes I’m rocking a cat t-shirt…I’ve reached my animal apparel years 🤣

All kidding aside, I am feeling LIGHTER as I tackle these tolerations!

How about you?!

I’m going to tackle a couple of other small ones this weekend, but for the most part the theme will be to do less and focus on the self more 🩷

Plus my teenage daughter is having her boyfriend over and therefore I’m under house arrest. Ha! Just kidding, not kidding, but it will be the perfect opportunity to tackle those “spiritual” tolerations, aka doing some extra things for myself that I’ve been wanting to do.

And on that note, when we have extra kid things going on, how do we still have the energy to focus on our businesses?

Or when anything heavy is going on for that matter?

I remember one of my business coaches once saying, that if you’re doing anything family related during business hours you’re allowing yourself to be distracted.

While I see what he was getting at – the we need to stay focused and our subconscious is going to try to sabotage us – I do think that’s a bit harsh.

We got into business for ourselves to have more freedom to spend our time the way we wanted to. So that we can be there for our kids, and anyone else who is important to us ❤️

And I also understand what it’s like to love working and creating, and not want to stop, say when the kids are home sick.

But I do think there’s a way to do both.

First, we need to let go of the word balance, as I don’t think it actually exists. I think it’s a perfection trap. Something is always going to happen, that’s life.

Second, it’s all about how we handle life’s ups and down’s and how we approach them. If we take some of the fear out, fear of not enough time, fear of not enough money, fear of not enough whatever…we can be a little more present.

And we can be more present to our own needs.

What do we need in the moment?

Do we need to scale back for our own mental health? Do we need to set stronger boundaries and stay focused on what we’re creating?

Only you can decide. Only you know deep down if a life circumstance is taking you away from your dreams or a call for healing.

Or maybe it’s a little bit of both.

So tune in, ask yourself what is important to you and consciously decide what is best for you. GUILT free.

Want to clear out the clutter with us?!

I did a live inside of our private facebook group “Self-care for Success for female entrepreneurs” where I shared the one area of focus that helps us create the space to manifest more of what we’re wanting that I want share with you too 🩷

You can watch / listen above or click here👆

PLUS I share the details about our next 5-day challenge! We’re going to clear out the clutter so that we can create more time & energy! It’s those drains that keep us in a disempowered place…I’m excited to do this one too and we’ll kick off Monday!

I was going to give you more advance notice so that you can make “time” to do it, but then I realized the whole challenge is about creating more time 🤣

So let’s dive in!

Drop me any colour of heart inside of our group on my post about it here and we will kick off with a live and fun exercise Monday at 9am pacific.

I’ll be going live inside of our group every day next week at 9am pacific, and we will tackle each area of life that I go over in my book;

Day 1 – Physical Environment

Day 2 – Emotional Well-Being

Day 3 – Finances

Day 4 – Health

Day 5 – Spirituality

Looking forward to this one too! It’s amazing what we create when we make room for it!

reading this for the umpteenth time 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s been a great week visiting with my parents who were in from Canada! We made the trek to Tahoe last weekend, and it was well worth it! It was chilly but we ended up getting in a round of golf and out on the boat 💙 Nothing beats getting out on the water for me! How about you?

I also found out that my book won an award! How awesome! It won silver in the “motivation” category of the 2023 Living Now Awards. To know it’s resonating and helping fellow biz owners fills my 🩷

Yesterday morning I finished A Course in Miracles for the umpteenth time! Lol. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it now, but what I do remember is how long it took me to read it to begin with!

It literally took 4-years 😳

The size and wordy language is daunting at first to say the least. The concepts are also overwhelming. But I wanted to stick with it, and I loved the group I was meeting with in a tiny room at the back of a spiritual shop in Oakville, Ontario (Canada). We would discuss the course and try to make sense of it!

Then we moved to California, and I was still trying to get through the text. At one point I switched to the daily lessons and found that easier for awhile.

And then a funny thing called audible came out! I switched to listening to the text instead and that made all of the difference, and I finished it quickly!

And this is how I continue reading it today. One section in the morning as part of my morning routine…

And the reason I continue to keep reading it?

Because it’s the one book that pulls me out of my daily grind, reminding me that we are all a part of something bigger, and this world we see is a projection of our thoughts.

Wowser right?!

It helps me to not take things as seriously, and strengths the belief that we are all powerful creators and meant to manifest joy and love, whatever our heart’s desire

Like anyone, I still get caught-up in what is going on in my own little world, and I still listen to the ego’s thoughts of lack, fear, worry, and doubt.

But the course has enabled me to remember and strengthen the belief that we are more than that.

And knowledge is power.

Power in that we can be, do and have anything.

We are powerful co-creators with spirit and the universe and can use our thoughts to create our reality.

And when we forget and get caught-up in the weeds, it’s okay.

It’s just about remembering this faster until it becomes more of a way of being, and that is what I continue to work on.

And as I revisit the course again for the umpteenth time, but like it’s the first, I remember it’s all about remembering we have an internal guiding system. That is all knowing, connected and full of love for all.

And it’s this connection, intuition, gut instinct, that I am committed to strengthening and for the love of God (literally), TRUSTING!

The more we can trust this within ourselves and follow it, the more miracles we can create.

You can get the book here and I also have a podcast with my good friend who I have been studying the course with for years, where we try to shed some light on the course and what we have learned and continue to over the years.

I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me!


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