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Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s selfless.

We had an exciting week with my son’s high school baseball team winning the open division for San Diego! They got to play at the beautiful baseball field at USD (University of Southern California), and it was such a special experience for the boys and a memory they will have forever ❤️

As we wind down high school with a busier than ever schedule (one of those you don’t get until you live it!), I’m always reminded of the value of self-care. And when extra is called for too 🙂

We get into these amazing routines that support us; like doing a morning mediation or a walk in nature, and it fills us up so much, but we can get off track quickly mentally & emotionally if our routine slides.

I realized the other day that my walks were missing! Like poof gone. If you’ve gotten to know me you know my walks in nature are everything! They are my saving grace and my boardroom for business soulutions 💛

But we have two dogs and one of them just got neutered and so he was out for a couple of weeks. Well I tried taking our other dog for a walk on her own, but he howled the entire time we were gone 😳 My daughter called to tell me and I couldn’t believe the noise coming out of him! We got him second and he truly cannot live without our oldest dog. It’s so sweet.

And so the walks went out the window.

And I didn’t realize just how much of an impact they have on my mental health, especially during an extra busy time.

What’s funny is I could have been down at the beach enjoying some time to myself those two weeks sans dogs, but I didn’t even think of it amidst all of the hustle and bustle right now. How funny because it would have helped immensely!

But I’m a work in progress too and all we can do is check-in, see how we’re feeling, and if we feel off or stressed or overwhelmed, just take the opportunity to course correct.

What do I need right now?

That sentence is bolded and enlarged so it gets our attention! Ask yourself right now!

I’m back at it with walks and they are making all of the difference again.

I’m feeling grounded, clear and connected…ahhh…💛

I’m seeing with love, compassion and grace, and it’s impacting how I show-up and how I interact with others, which is probably the biggest gift 🎁

I had the pleasure of being on the Fueling Earth podcast, where I talk about the connection of manifesting results with self-care. I loved my time so much with these ladies, and we ended up having the best conversation around the subconscious mind and how it keeps us from taking care of ourselves fully, which in-turn directly impacts our business results.

You can listen in on spotify here and get ready for some sweet, vulnerable shares that I think you’ll relate to 💜

when you get nervous, think of service ❤️

What a week! We are in full “senior” swing over here! Jude’s high school wraps up at the end of this month along with baseball 🥲 (insert happy tear emoji because I have mixed emotions with being sad something is ending & excited something else is beginning!).

We had senior day this week during their last official home game before playoffs and it was the sweetest 💕

Each family, including grandparents and siblings, walked across home field with their player while the announcer read what they had prepared regarding their favourite memory and what they are grateful for. It was so special that my parents were in town for this and got to be a part of it too ❤️

Throw in a quick fast, a great workout with a friend, and recording our podcast, and I am feeling filled up with a little self-care / self-love too 💛

And I was reminded of something when we recorded our podcast that has helped me immensely over the years.

When you get nervous, think of service ❤️

A phrase a special mentor shared with me awhile ago. You will here in our podcast episode next week more about Amy’s journey, but she’s starting a new role and was feeling anxious about it. We get more into how things are divinely orchestrated in the podcast, and how they are happening for us and therefore we have that divine support to see them through, but I wanted to share more on this topic here too 🙂

The ego is always waiting, ready to pounce with thoughts like “what if I don’t do a good enough job”, “what if II make a mistake”, and then leading to the real doubt with “how am I going to do this and what was I thinking!”.

These thoughts are normal and the more we can see them for what they are the faster we can shift them.

Even with a divinely inspired idea, the ego wants to throw us off. To get us to stop, to get us to stay where we think we’re safe. Not putting ourselves out there and trying new things. But the new things are where the co-creations lie. Where we fulfill our soul’s longing to create, to do what brings us joy. And if we don’t move through the discomfort we won’t be able to fulfill these creative expressions.

So if we can realize it’s the ego, and then remind ourselves we are good enough now, and that this new opportunity is happening for a reason. It’s happening for us 🩵

AND that we don’t have to have it all figured out upfront. That is us trying to manage the discomfort of uncertainty. Do what you can in advance to feel more prepared, but also remind yourself you are resourceful! This is a far more powerful tool then having it all perfect upfront. Knowing if something happens, if you stay curious, “how can I figure this out?” and then you will. Because you have a whole universe helping you as you go, the support doesn’t stop. It’s about continuing to trust.

And it’s also important to find the positive intention behind the nervousness. You want to be successful. You want to do a good job.

And this is where flipping it to being of service is so helpful.

There is no one better than you. For this opportunity. Right here, right now. You are the one meant to help people in the way that’s being presented to you. You opening your heart and creating the space for someone else. You connecting with those you’re meant to serve.

And it’s a good thing we want to do a good job!

Every time before I speak I get nervous, and remind myself of this mantra. If I can connect and help with even just one person in the audience it will have been worth it.

And I even throw in getting a little feedback too…”please show me that it has been helpful for at least one person” I asked every time before I go on stage…and low and behold people come up to me after the talk to share and it truly reminds me of why I am doing it 💕

Do a quick tune in…what opportunity has presented itself for you that you’re feeling nervous about right now and maybe even putting off? But deep down you’re excited, it’s what you’ve asked for? How can you apply this mantra for your own self so that you can go on and bring it to fruition? Because there is no one better than you. For this opportunity. Right here, right now. You’ve got this. 💫

a little something extra for just you…

Today serves as a gentle reminder to allow yourself some extra self-care ❤️

As school starts to wrap-up it’s always a busier time. I think I’ve finally remembered this and my oldest is a senior graduating from high school!

Every year, I’m like, “I will remember this next year!” Ha!

Well here we are, and we are busier than ever with all of the senior fun and also wrapping-up the baseball season – which I signed-up to be the liaison 2 years ago.

I realized the other day that next year I will not have any extras. Between volunteering for the school foundation over the years and my daughter’s gymnastics club, next year I will be free! Lol. I have enjoyed my time and I’m sure I’ll be on to the next thing 🤣

But seriously, whether we’re wrapping up school with our kids, finishing volunteer positions, or just a big work project, adding in extra self-care is key.

We have to balance out the busy and remember to take care of ourselves.

To give ourselves love and compassion too.

Even if it’s something small, what can you add in that’s just for you?

My parents (Mom & Step-Dad) are in town, and the three of us went for the nicest dinner last night. It was great to just relax and be loved.

How about you? What can you do that fills you up?

What if people aren’t buying?

I hope your weekend is off to a great start! We have my parents arriving tonight to participate in some of the final the senior activities! Tomorrow we kick off with Jude’s senior sendoff celebration for the volunteer organization we’ve been a part of since he was in grade 7. I’m excited to celebrate him and cheer him on as he says his speech

And I’ve been thinking about you lately, with how it feels when people just aren’t signing-up for your services or buying your products…

The kicker is that you know you can help them.

You want to help them.

Your ready to help them. “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, to play…”

But they just don’t get it.

And you’re doing all of the things.

Putting out free content.

Maybe even a little dancing a little on the gram

You’re flat out telling them you can help.

Please! Let me help you!

Still no takers.

And this sucks. Let’s be honest.

Because you’ve poured your heart and soul into this. To getting the skills, the certifications, the know how…

Going out on a whim to start this business.

So why in the world aren’t people buying?

It’s because of you.

Ahhh….I’m sorry! Tough love I know but this awareness will set you free I promise!

I’ve been there too, and I sometimes slip back.

When we are so focused on getting, we start to get frustrated and resentful when it doesn’t start flowing.

We almost get self-righteous in what we’re offering.

We start making bold moves – telling people they need our help when they haven’t asked.

And herein lies the conundrum.

It’s okay to focus on our goals and dreams, and want to earn a living, a great one at that!

But when we’re so focused on that and we lose sight of giving, we let that unrelenting ego take over.

We slip into fear. Fear about how we’re going to get clients, and how we’re doing to keep this business afloat.

The problem is this is felt.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of what this feels like, when someone is trying to “get”.

And it’s okay, our intentions are good.

We just need a little shift.

We need to remember and strengthen the belief that there is a whole universe working behind the scenes to help us help more people.

We cannot have the idea of a business, without the way being there to make it a success.

The more we lean into this, we can lean away from fear.

The more we can focus on helping and serving, we strengthen the knowing this will come back in spades.

When we come from a place of service this is felt. This is love. This is abundance. This is reciprocated.

This happened with one of our students recently. She took my Abundance Accelerator course with the intention of wanting to be a part of our coaching program and to connect with more clients to serve.

She had some major shifts along the way

But she was still stuck.

She was worrying about clients, and this was reflected in her business stalling.

This then started to take the form of blame. Blame on not getting results.

But we stayed the course and stayed focused.

We celebrated her shifts.

We focused on giving not getting.

And she wanted to shift, and she kept at it. That is the key

Well she had a massive internal shift, and her business exploded AND she started receiving new clients through us.

Not a coincidence it all happened at once.

It’s always an internal job.

So if you’re sitting in a place of blame, shame, doubt or worry, do some deep self-care this weekend.

Reconnect with who you really are.

Strengthen your connection and belief in Source.

It’s got you

Make decisions from this place.

Serve from this place.

Because there’s a whole universe that has clients lined up out the door to work with you.

And all you need to do is allow it in.

Step out of blame and into bliss.

Love your life, love the universe, and love yourself.

Everything you are wanting to create is already there for you.

An Unexpected Benefit of Business…

I’m back after a week at our place in Costa Rica and my heart is full ❤️

I had the best time rejuvenating & relaxing, hanging out with my parents and daughter 🙂 Moms of teenage daughters, the hormones are no joke right?! I loved spending time laughing and having fun with my girl and am so thankful for our get away 🙏

I shared in my facebook live the other day that an unexpected joy that came with our dream of owning properties in cool places that we could both visit and rent out, was the joy it has brought so many other people! From family having new experiences, to the guests we’ve been fortunate to host who have shared that their dreams have come true – from traveling to finding a surrogate!

But there’s another piece that I wasn’t expecting either.

It’s the friendships with the people who live in the areas of where the properties are 🙌

I’ve always set the intention to meet people we can trust who do a great job.

Low and behold, I met our house cleaner Ana in Incline Village the week before we closed on the property. I struck up a conversation in the parking lot and got her number.

Well fast forward almost three years later, and Ana not only does the best cleaning I’ve ever seen, but she quickly became our house manager with getting the house ready for guests as well as the cleaning, to stepping up to more of a real estate role with showing our unit to potential renters.

She is amazing and I can count on her for anything AND I love to give her as much work as I can!

And then meet Miguel (pictured above). He manages our property in Costa Rica. I was going to do it myself but THANK GOODNESS I was talked out of that idea! Having someone a mile away from our home in a foreign country has been everything! He watches the house, has everything little thing fixed, and gets rave reviews from our guests about his communication being impeccable.

And he truly goes above and beyond, with making sure he was there to say hello right after I was set to arrive, and coming to say good-bye before I left. His kindness and caring is felt by all of us, including his emojis in his texts 🐢😉

I love to connect with people all over the world (something I for sure get from my Mom and Dad – they are / were the ones chatting up the people beside them on the plane 🤣 I’m so grateful to truly be able to call these people my friends, including the restaurant owners, yoga instructors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, real estate agents and fellow expats along the way ❤️

And I love connecting with all of you around the globe too 🌎 Sometimes it can feel one sided, with me “talking at you!” So please drop me an email here or in our group ~ I would love to hear from you 💛

This life is all about connection and joy. The more we can feel it the more we can share it.

And we can manifest some really cool stuff along the way!

revelations from Costa Rica ❤️

After a few days of self-care here in Costa Rica, and a really great night sleep last night, I was ready to hear the message that I read this morning in A course in Miracles.

To lose faith makes our problems seem real.

Those weren’t the exact words, but that was the gist of the message this morning 😂

The idea is that when we get so caught up in our own problems, as we all do, we forget that there is a Divine power at bay, that is there for all of us, ready to help. And when we forget this we slip into faithlessness.

Regardless of any religious beliefs, my thought is A course in Miracles is spiritual in nature, and applies to all of us.

There is something bigger than us that we are a part of, that we are all connected to, that is there to support us and guide us back to love.

The more we can ask for help and turn our problems over to this higher power, the more we start to see evidence that it exists. We start to have ideas and see solutions that are the next steps to solving those problems. And not only solving problems, but allowing us to see the miracles and co-create our hearts desires. The more we can strengthen this faith and trust in something bigger than us, the more we can let go of grievances, and step into goodness❤️

I think a lot of times we can get so caught up in our own issues that we forget we have something bigger than us supporting us and guiding us. The guidance is there to support us through hard times and also times of co-creating our dreams.

At the end of the day, it all has the same purpose and goal, for us to heal and return to a place of love and peace. And where there’s peace, there aren’t any problems. And it doesn’t mean things aren’t still going on in our lives, but when we approach them with trust and faith, we are returning to a place of peace. And the more we do that the more we see peace, meaning the problem then elevates to the place of solution. The problem and the solution do not lie on the same level energetically, meaning we can’t see the solution when we’re stuck in the problem. Faith and trust bridges that gap and allows us to move into the seeing the solution which is always going to be about having a loving shift in perspective. The more we can let go of fear the more we can step into faith, and create and see the world from a place of love ❤️

What problem can you turn over today? I have at least 5. Lol. Let’s do it!

One empowered decision can change your trajectory!

It just takes one empowered decision to change your trajectory.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business or any area of your life, I recommend tuning-in and taking inventory.

Look at what is causing the overwhelm. Is it finances? Is it having too many projects on the go? Is it a bad hire? Or maybe you’re like me, and you’ve listened to other people’s ideas, because they sound really great at the time, and then you get so far away from your own vision, that you’re like “what the heck?” This is not what I want.

And so you reassess. You take some time to redefine your own visions and what you’re really wanting to create.

And you start making one empowered decision at a time.

And when you start with just one, you see more. You start seeing through a new empowered lens, which leads to more and more empowered decisions.

Which in turn, helps you create more of what you’re really wanting. Yasss 🎉

This creates a sense empowered and inspired freedom.

So what do you really want?

And where are you allowing yourself to not create it?

What is causing the overwhelm?

What is causing the stress?

What is one empowered decision you can make right now that will shift your trajectory?

The Power of Women is Unstoppable.

I reconnected with three beautiful friends this week and my heart is full ❤️

I went to Ventura (north of LA) to be a guest on a podcast, which that in of itself was such an inspiring and soul filling experience! Two amazing women host it and I had the best time with them 🙂 I’ll share the episode for sure when it comes out.

I had made plans with my one friend to meet afterward in the Westlake Village area, who I hadn’t seen for years. Well on the way I thought maybe I will even see if my other friend is free afterward. I was in no rush to sit in a ton of traffic on the way back to San Diego, and thought I might even stay over.

Well low and behold, as the first friend was walking into lunch she ran into the second friend! And they rarely run into each other! There was so much screaming and hugging, and it was truly the BEST! Divinely led for sure and we had such a great time getting caught up 💛

I ended up staying over at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn, and had the ultimate self-care evening! I used that room FULLY! I had the best bath in the oversized jet tub, had the fireplace on with the sliding door open (my ultimate), and ordered room service and rented a movie. It was heavenly!

And it doesn’t end there, I was also supposed to call my other friend on my drive back, who was also a part of this women’s group. Well we ended up making plans to have coffee the next morning since I was staying over, and we too had such a beautiful, helpful and heartfelt conversation ❤️

All of the conversations with these friends were deep and light. We shared our stresses, our annoyances in businesses, where our hearts are being pulled, our worries about our kids, the annoying things our husbands do (sorry guys), had a lot of laughs and got into some really serious issues too.

Swearing, laughing, crying.

And I’m reminded of the power of women.

Our ability to share our hearts openly, analyze a situation as much as we like, laugh and cry along the way. Be there for someone else with the drop of the hat. Share our experiences, be relatable, and there to support 🩷

Nothing beats it.

And the more vulnerable and real we are, the more of an open and loving exchange we have.

We are all struggling in one way or another. Just when we think we’ve got it, we don’t.

The more we can laugh and get out of our heads the better.

The more we can share with our friends and even our business communities, that it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to not have it all together.

This is real life. We are real humans with real emotions.

We go through stuff, and we help other people by sharing and being there.

It’s a give and receive. The more we can do both the more we see the biggest gift around us.


In all areas.

It puts us in a beautiful, surrendered energy where we cut through the tough exterior or perfectionism, and open up to the love and guidance there for all of us.

Not a coincidence we had 5 bookings in one day for our rental property.

Not a coincidence my navigation took me through Malibu on the way home (which it never does), where I was reminded of how this Cali dream all started.


And I didn’t even get into the workout I had with a friend earlier in the week or the long convo I had with another friend. They continue to be friendships I am so grateful for every single day.

Reach out to a friend. Go for a coffee or a walk, and share your heart ❤️

What derails us from our goal?

A coach I worked with once said if we let anything or anyone throw us off from our business goal, we are letting our subconscious take over.

The part deep down that feels the need to be nice. To be there if someone needs us. To drop everything to be there. Which in turn keeps us at an arm’s length from our goal, but we can justify it because “so and so” had a crisis and we had to be there.

His point is that it’s all one big distraction.

And so I went on to set some really harsh boundaries around my time and who I gave it to.

I had my eye on the prize that’s for sure.

And while I do think this is true, that we can get distracted by what’s going on around us, and also that harsher boundaries are needed at first especially if we’re not used to setting them, I definitely have a different take on this now.

Especially as I studied A Course in Miracles more, and started strengthening the spiritual laws around love and connection.

We are all one mind and therefore want to connect and share, and be there for one another.

To serve, to protect, to love, and to support.

That’s kind of hard if we’re focused on one monetary business goal.

We let that be the priority and miss all of the opportunities around us to connect, to support, to give.

And not that our businesses aren’t built on those principals, for most of us they are, but we’re kind of missing the point if the 💰 is our focus.

And what’s interesting is, the more we focus on the spiritual principals the more the monetary part flows anyway.

Because we’re alignment with a loving, helpful energy.

And not that we shouldn’t still have business goals or that it’s wrong to focus on money (money didn’t do anything to us!), it’s just that we miss the mark being so narrowly focused.

Love attracts love, and when we’re helping, giving, and supporting, we see the loving way for our goal to come to fruition as well. If we allow ourselves to receive.

Love is giving and receiving.

And on that note, that’s exactly what my old coach was saying if we look at being distracted from a spiritual place.

If we’re giving, giving, giving, and always putting others first, and their needs first, we are not allowing ourselves to receive.

To receive love, support and guidance. That is there for us.

We start to take on a martyr role and become resentful of spending our time this way.

I’ve had a few distractions lately, and what I’m reminded of is that it’s not so much about the time we’re spending, it’s about the state we’re coming from.

If we’re empowered, we’re on track. Because empowered decisions create empowered results in ALL areas of life and that is what enables us to see a soul-ution in two seconds flat.

But if we’re disempowered we enter doubt, worry, guilt, fear, and head down what I like to call a doubt-spiral. Where we cannot see our way out and feel stuck. Where we truly feel helpless.

Not great for creating or taking us closer to our goal.

And what’s likely happening if you’re doing all the things, but feeling empowered? Results are flowing.

So take a peek at where you’re at. Where are you at in terms of your goal?

And are you feeling empowered or disempowered?

If it’s disempowered, you can shift this I promise.

Think of one thing that is going to help this weekend. Ask the universe for help if you’re stuck.

Something will happen. You will have an idea, see something, or someone will invite you somewhere.

Something will happen if you allow it to.

I am going to yoga today and the spot I go to ads in Wim Hoff style breathing at the end, followed by a cold plunge and infrared sauna.

This pulls me out of my head and into my heart every single time.

What is it for you?

Parenting is no joke…

With a bunch of things coming up for a bunch of friends this week, myself included, this blog deserves a special dedication to parenting ❤️

Here was my week at a glance:

  • 2 hour walk with a friend where we shared our worries right now as Moms
  • 1 hour talk with a friend where I cried about my biggest concern
  • A workout & coffee with friends where we shared that we all have worries and how it connects to spirituality
  • 1 hour call with parents about their child who’s got a bad case of senioritis – it’s a thing! (high school argh) – and we shared our struggles right now

I am so grateful to have such a great community of friends that we can call anytime. And this extends from my immediate friends, to my friends friends, to my baseball friends. It’s all about community.

And at the end of the day, parenting is no joke. It is hard.

And if we’re all being honest, each of us has something we’re worrying about right now.

And it’s all valid, even if it seems “small”.

All I can say is allowing ourselves to feel how we feel, knowing it’s okay, is a big part of shifting the energy.

It’s okay to admit we’re struggling and that we need extra support. We do not have to be perfect or have it down perfectly.

The more we share with each other, the more we take the shame away, and can link arms and do this together.

What’s worked for you? What’s worked for me? What did your therapist say? We are a wealth of knowledge and uber resourceful. When we share we get to give and receive endless ideas and solutions, love and support ❤️

And we realize we’re not alone.

We’re never alone.

The universe is always going to show us the people and resources to help us and the more resources we gain, the more we can share with others and vice versa.

And did you know our can use the power of the universe to help you manifest what you’re wanting?

I prayed to see my daughter laugh and sing again, and two days later she was! It had been months and I mean months since I’ve seen her to do that.

The universe is always going to show us the way and create the space for more love and healing to come in.

I’m actually thinking of starting a prayer circle, where a bunch of us moms gather, throw our doubts and worries into the circle, and send good thoughts, prayers and love to all of our kids. Actually I am going to do it and I already have two friends who are in 💛

Doesn’t that sound so peaceful?

And that’s what it comes down to…in any are of life…what will bring us more peace, love & joy? It’s there for us. Sometimes we have to heal some stuff first, and do the hard things, but the peace that’s waiting for us on the other side is worth it.

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