Ahhh…I got some exciting news this week! Gabby Bernstein endorsed my book!

Gabby is a NY Times Best Selling author, and has written a whopping 9 books on all things manifesting!

Oprah has even deemed her as a thought leader of the next generation!

I am honoured to have her support 💛

You can still pre-order your copy & get my “self-care for success” course now or wait until it officially launches on June 13th!

And on that note…let’s talk receiving for a minute.

If we have a worthiness issue we have a receiving issue.

And with manifesting, we have to be able to GIVE and RECEIVE equally.

Be worthy of receiving.

And where does this tend to show-up for entrepreneurs? In their time management.

Not being worthy enough of keeping up with their communication with others.

Meaning they miss opportunities.

And I get it 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve been there too and have had to work through it…and it still creeps in sometimes.

And I’m not talking about getting off track here and there during busier times…

I’m talking about consistently not keeping up and consistently keeping yourself in a state of overwhelm so that you are always so busy and can’t get to it.

Where it’s a pattern.

But in order to create a different result you’ve gotta be willing to do things differently.

Like looking within.

What is the belief that keeps you in overwhelm?

What makes you decide to take on more?

If you can answer that then you can start to shift.

Be worthy of receiving all of the opportunities there for you 💛